Collider: The BE Particle #4
« on: May 24, 2017, 07:43:50 AM »

May starts to lament that maybe she was wrong to judge Sam.  Everything seems to be fixed.  Sam really did it.  Then without warning, Mayís boobs start to grow.  Everything is definitely not okay.  May rushes to find Sam to figure out what is going on.  The scene May finds will surprise her to no end.  Sam is sitting amongst a mass orgy with her being at the center.  May laughs that Sam is way more sexual than she ever was.  Mayís orgy wasnít nearly as big.  Then an idea hits May, the particle must still be unstable within Sam.  If May can be there when Sam orgasms, then she can take back the particle .  May quietly sneaks in the orgy and pushes a sex slave aside.  Sam is too into her pleasure and is completely unaware.  Sam starts to cum and May absorbs the particle as reality bends and ships around the two women.

After a long hiatus, Bo Saget picks up the old authorís reigns and continues the Collider story with Collider: The BE Particle.  The events of Collider created a god particle using the large hadron collider.  That god particle has the power to warp reality in what ever image the owner of the particle wishes.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), the reality is more often than not a fulled fever dream full of giant breasts and sex. Collider: The BE Particle has plenty of breast growth and sex that Bo Saget is known for.  Additionally, the story features some amazon and giantess sized women and penis growth for good measure.  Readers are sure to enjoy the reality bending ride Collider: The BE Particle offers.

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