Three Wishes for Three Women #5
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Picture unending orgasmic bliss. Picture someone taking that incredible pleasure away from you. Youíd probably be upset. Natalie is. And sheís going to take it out on Karen.
But it is about time. Karenís completely missed out on the hot-bodied fun so far and thatís not fair. If anyone deserves a super-sexy make-over, itís Karen.
But Doctor Bey is getting closer. And he has a plan.

The Three Wish War has been a labour of love for Bill Pratt and it shows. The story asks the question of why do genies do what they do and why stop at three wishes? And how far are they willing to go to maintain the status quo?
This time around, the genie is bound by the new rules, and he hates them. Worse, his attention is divided by a rebellion turned bloody back in his homeland. He canít do his job with a paltry three wishes, but a bloodbath to win back the right to perform his job as he sees fit is not what he had in mind.
His clients this time around are three roommates: the quiet one, Karen, wants to be an actress. The pretty one, Melanie, enjoys a life of easy leisure, but always wants more. And Natalie just wishes her two friends could get along. Literally.

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