Cheer Captain #2
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Demi got far better results from the gypsy’s potion than she ever could have imagined.  All that was left now was to upload it for all of the campus to see.  The next day Demi was on on cloud nine as she heard Julie’s sexual moans on every phone within earshot.  The moment of truth was upon Demi, as she heard students yell out Julie’s name.  Much to Demi’s utter disgust, the campus still liked Julie, if not more, especially the guys.  Demi flees to the bathroom and is consumed by bitter hatred of a failed coup  Not hesitating, Demi decides to drink the potion herself.  Effects are prompt, as Demi’s breasts and libido grow to extreme levels.  Demi then attacks Julie and tries to steal away her men.  Having successfully done so, Demi looks to see Julie in defeat.  Sadly to Demi’s dismay, Julie now has even more guys than her!  The sex arms race is on…

Cheer Captain is Bo Saget’s first story to the Bimbo Story Club.  The story focuses on the cheerleader fantasy.  It is hard not to watch cheerleaders and not wish that they were “cheering” for you.  Cheer Captain also includes breast expansion as an extra flavoring to the sexual situations.   The breast expansion also serves as a way for Breast Expansion Story Club readers to enjoy the story as well.   Cheer Captian is filled to the brim with sex, sex, and more sex.  The author aims to make each sexual encounter better than the last with a grand finale at the end.  Such is Bo Saget’s style in his works.

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