Master PC: Greek Drama #5
« on: July 12, 2017, 07:49:00 PM »

Do not adjust your PDF reader! William Pratt is back with another chapter of digital mayhem as Monica comes to grips with Master PC, breasts the size of her head, and an unquenchable thirst forÖ Ah, but thatís getting ahead of things. Anyway, Monicaís gone and gotten herself zapped but good. Can she still save herself and rescue Penny? Download it. Read it. Find out.

William Pratt provides a race against time that no one is taking seriously. The bad guys are stuck in a traffic jam. The heroes are screwing each otherís brains out. Tactically this is poor planning, but it does make for more enjoyable reading. So this is where the game gets more interesting. A lust-addled slut is loose on Master PC. Can anyone see how this could be a problem? No? Canít be much worse than a crew of horny nerd frat boys, right? Well it can because Monica is really, really horny. And Steve is still in cold pursuit.

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