Doctor V's Bimbos
« on: July 26, 2017, 06:15:01 AM »

The Female Spy Federation sends three of their agents: the sister duo, Micky and Clara, and the rookie, Bianca, to stop the evil Dr. V. Dr. V plans on **71** women all around the world but the reason is a mystery to the FSF! As soon as they step foot into his base, one of them is **70** and forced to undergo his experiments! He plans on making a giant army filled with sex crazed, giant breasted, and fat assed bimbos! After taking note of the effects of one of his many serums, Dr. V allows his soldiers to have sex with the new and horny bimbos! Just before they are able to find her, the rest of the agents are captured by Dr. V as well, and forced to undergo more of his crazy experiments and endure more lustful, dick obsessed sex!

The introduction to Dr. V and his evil plans is a great one! And I want to see his plan unfold! It seems that the FSF is not too competent if all of them are so easily captured! Dr. V uses injections to change Clara into a big tittied, sex obsessed bimbo and itís great! The transformation is quick and it goes right into the sex scene. It is interrupted by the short action scene that shows the capture of the rest of the agents, but then jumps back to the sex again. That might be confusing for some people. I am curious to see in what direction this story will go considering Bianca and Micky are already captured. I question Dr. Vís motives too. A giant bimbo army? How did he get these soldiers? And how did the FSF know of his plans already? I know this is a sex comic that isnít really about the plot, but these are things I was thinking of as I read.

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