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Hi all,

my 30 years old girlfriend wants to undergo breast enlargment surgery.
She starts from an A cup and she would like to get a full C or D cup.
We are based in Italy and we visited at the moment 2 doctors that proposed 2 different procedures.

So we would like to share with you all our experience in order to have some tips.

Doctor #1: He proposed to insert 350cc, teardrop, high profile, silicone gel (Polytech Poliuretane Implants) with a submammary incision (he suggested this instead periareolar incision because of some small cystitis problems of my girl) and dual plane position.
The implant is in silicone with an external coating in poliurethane that fixes more on the internal tissue and avoid drastically contraptures and rotation (typical risk of teardrop/anatomic implants).
Price: 7.650 (all included with clinic)
The doctor also made a virtualisation of post-op result (see posted image).

Doctor #2: He proposed to insert 280-325cc (right size to evaluate during surgery), round, high profile or extra density, silicone gel (eurosilicone implant) with trans-axillary incision and under muscolar position (instead of dual plane). He explaned that the trans-axillary procedura the implant can be only placed under muscle or under mammary gland.
Price: 6.300-6.500 (all included with clinic)

So what are your opinions? Any girls that already had similar procedures?
We have fear that the second option is an older procedure (under muscle positioning) and that it will look smaller than the first one;

We planned another consult with doctor #1 next days to have a virtualisation with round implants too (my girl is very skinny and flat so she would love a little filling on the top (that the teardrop implant has not).

Thank you all in advance for any tip! ::)

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