Collider The BE Particle #6
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Sam awakens in a disgusting world full of Dr. Smith imagery akin to the Nazi’s of Germany. Something feels off to Sam, like things have not always been this way.  Before she can ponder further, May urges her to go to the ceremony.  The feeling still nags Sam, something is very wrong.  She is not Dr. Smith’s wife and this realty is very is a egocentric asshole’s wet dream.  Then it hits her.  A sudden rush of memories flood Sam’s mind as she has sex with Dr. Smith.  The god particle inside Dr. Smith must have awoken Sam’s particle fragment.  Sam surmises that she still must have some of the particle within her since she is able to comprehend the change in reality.  Sam thinks that maybe May has some of the particle in her too.  The only “problem” is the only way to get it out through sex.  It is a risk Sam must take though, their powers combined is the only way that they can defeat the man turned god, Dr. Smith.

After a long hiatus, Bo Saget picks up the old author’s reigns and continues the Collider story with Collider: The BE Particle.  The events of Collider created a god particle using the large hadron collider.  That god particle has the power to warp reality in what ever image the owner of the particle wishes.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), the reality is more often than not a fulled fever dream full of giant breasts and sex. Collider: The BE Particle has plenty of breast growth and sex that Bo Saget is known for.  Additionally, the story features some amazon and giantess sized women and penis growth for good measure.  Readers are sure to enjoy the reality bending ride Collider: The BE Particle offers.

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