Doctor V's Bimbos #2
« on: September 06, 2017, 08:08:48 PM »

After capturing her, Dr. V chooses to use a new strain of his serum on Micky, and it has quite the effect. Her butt swells and grows to a huge size and all she craves is sex! A soldier happily obliges in the act. The final serum is used on Bianca, who learns what Dr. V is really up to. The short, curve lacking rookie grows taller with thicker body parts and equally lusts for another soldiersí penis. The innocent rookie virgin gets her wish. Back at the FSF headquarters, Aya prepares to rescue her captured team. She briefs her two elite agents, the beautiful Asian spy, Minah and the black bombshell, Nina on their task and heeds them to proceed with caution. Just what does the evil and crazy Dr. V in store for these two elite spies? Will they be able to save our ladies?

Just when the stakes could not get higher for the members of the FSF, Bianca and Micky both get bimbofied! With even more time dedicated to growth and sex, SupremeD finds a way to make this issue out shine the first! While trained spies may not be captured so easily, nor would they not try to fight their way out, itís more fun to see the ladies become bombshells only to crave dick moments later! With ass, height expansion and breast expansion, this issue only makes me want more and itís set up so perfectly with Nina and Minah on the way! As it is with SupremeD, it doesnít take long to start getting into growth and sex, only taking minimal pages to set up. The only minor complaint I have is that Iíd love to see more time dedicated to sex compared to expansion, but this is still a great issue!

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