Desires By Design: Expansion Stories
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Hey folks! I, like many of you good people am a huge fan of expansion. Breast, ass, height, it doesn't bother me as long as it is entertaining. I thought, why not give it a shot and try to write my own stories.

This here is the first "professional" story I worked on. I say professional because I have taken a stab at it before in short stories that I have just kept for myself. I named my patreon and possible future website after this story because, hell, I like the name.

Desires By Design Part 1

Lana Gato is a girl fed up with her life. She hates her job, lost her social life and is dying for change. We join her during her appointment with Desires By Design. A new clinic which promises to provide its customers with a service that will cater to any desire they have. Lana goes under hypnosis and things begin changing after she walks out.

If you enjoy what you read, consider checking out my patreon.

I will be posting regular updates and previews here, as well as on my patreon oage and other communities.




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Re: Desires By Design: Expansion Stories
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I believe this should be on our "Plume" board.



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Re: Desires By Design: Expansion Stories
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I agree.

Good story thus far.
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