Spells R Us: The Sexy Formula #2
« on: September 27, 2017, 07:02:43 PM »

Dina finally catches Jimmyís attention, right when heís practicing on stage. She offers to calm his nerves with more than just a kiss. Not resisting, Jimmy has his way with her mouth, breasts, and has sex with her. Unable to control herself, Dina cannot stop Jimmy from calling her sexy. As a result, her body grows to huge levels and freaks Jimmy out, but gains the attraction of another teacher. Meanwhile, Mary is leaving art class and is gaining the attraction of everyone in the hallway. She makes it known to her peers that she has her eyes on one person, Luke. It turns out Mary downed the rest of the formula and grows right in front of her suitor. This convinces him to meet her later, in the locker room. As she walks away, he calls someone on his phone, inviting them to see the upcoming locker room show.

Spells R Us: The Sexy Formula Part 2 is a sequel that DELIVERS! Not only do we get one great sex scene, but we get even more bimbofication for Dina! It gets to the point where itís practically breast and ass expansion! Just like all the other Spells R Us stories, the deal with the Warlock ends up being too much for the girls to handle! Dinaís uncontrollable transformation is just such a hot point for this series! And her ending up with her teacher is just the icing on the cake! But it does not end there! We also get to see Mary tempt Luke with her ever growing body! The juxtaposition of Dinaís privacy and Maryís exhibitionism is just clever writing on SupremeDís part. As always, SupremeD leaves us on an exciting cliffhanger that makes me impatiently wait for the final chapter! Who was Luke calling? What is he planning?? Ah! I want to see it right now!

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