Seduction Technology (ISSUE #1)
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On a fall campus day, a lonely student named Malcolm is being pestered on the phone by his older brother, Jason, to take up the unwanted family business of biological enhancements and technology. While trying to convince Jason to leave him alone, Malcolm discovers a package in the mail for him, sent by their family. Continually fed up by his familyís smotherings he throws the package away, unawares to the drama that will soon follow him.
Jason surprises him the next day with the same package, delivering it to him while in class and once again trying to make him reconsider his position in the family. Resilient as ever, it isnít until Malcolm eventually opens the package, revealing a strange laser gun, that he starts to truly consider his place.


Milfy delights continue in the second chapter of Milf Milk. Timothy tries to be a helpful to his Milf-tastic neighbor, only to find he is now the sole center of her lustful attention. Youíll find breast growth, height growth, ass growth, slight muscle growth, penis growth, personality shifting into a bimbo, and plenty of lactation. This is part two of a multi-part series where more lactation and pleading milfs will be sure to follow. All characters are over the age of 18.

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