Breast-Expansion Updates
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Good Morning Miami

Sophia Stone is Miami's favorite morning TV host and today she has a special surprise for the viewers: she has assembled a wild assortment of women with very special talents. Her first guest, Victoria Banxxx, is a competitive eater and is looking to set a record on live TV! The table before her is jammed packed full of sweets, cakes, popcorn and even soda. Sophia wishes her luck and transitions to the next guest.

Re: Breast-Expansion Updates
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Bigger Breasts - Angel Lee

Angel Lee wants to get bigger breasts in order to please her boyfriend because he is looking at other girls with larger boobs. The plastic surgeon says that there is a new procedure that allows her to inflate them larger if she does not think they are the right size.The doctor places a mask on her face to help her relax and she wakes up to a larger chest. She loves them and she runs off to show her boyfriend.A few days later, she comes back and asks for a bigger size. She goes under the mask again and wakes up with even larger tits. The size is amazing and she cannot wait to prance around her boyfriend with these enhancements!

Re: Breast-Expansion Updates
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Huge Tits Overnight

Something really strange has happened, my tits have grown 3 or 4 cup sizes overnight! All of my bras are way too small for me now. I show you my huge new tits and ask you shyly if you still like them. I bounce them around and show them off while you stroke your cock for me, confessing that I like them a lot and hope that they grow even bigger.