Doctor V's Bimbos #3
« on: October 11, 2017, 07:39:11 PM »

Bianca finally reunites with the members of Team A, and they are all shocked to see each otherís bodies. After talking about how great the sex was, the two sisters just canít contain themselves and begin to make out. Shocked at their horniness, Bianca tries to get them to stop, only to be roped in to the lustful nature herself. The guards watching the room canít contain themselves and jump in to provide the ladies with the dick they crave so badly. This attracts the attention of the elite agents, Minah and Nina who barge in, thinking the ladies were in distress. After trying to convince Team A to leave, Minah and Nina find themselves captured and subjected to Dr. Vís testing. This time, he plans on upping the ante by providing the two elites with all three versions of the bimbo serum!

SupremeD raises the stakes again for the ladies in the FSF and this time, he does not hold back! The story immediately starts with all the beautiful naked women meeting again, then jumps into the two sisters making out! Then it unfolds into a lesbian love fest and turns immediately into an all out orgy! Talk about truly bimboing out! This whole issue is dedicated to all kinds of sex and I love it. The ladies becoming super horny and being unable to contain themselves is a dream! Then weíre left on the same kind of cliffhanger where a black girl and and asian girl are going to be bimbofied? Talk about anticipation! Again, they are captured in the most boring way possible, but I also understand this is for convenience of plot. This was the issue where SupremeD truly delivered, and I canít wait for the next one!

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