Collider: The BE Particle #7
« on: October 18, 2017, 07:32:50 PM »

With both of their particles awakened, Sam and May set forth to defeat the false man god, Dr. Smith.  How will they defeat him?  By giving him the most reality bending orgasm ever to release the almost perfect god particle within him.  Sound simple, but this is no easy task, because he is a god after all.  However Sam and May have two key advantages.  The two have surprise on their side.  Dr. Smith believes that they are brainwashed sex slaves that know nothing about the events that transpired.  The second is that Dr. Smith has a great libido.  Sam and May approach Dr. Smith and take advantage of his deviant sexual nature to start having a threesome.  As they have sex reality bends as breaks as the false god orgasms.  It is now or never to make right out of all the wrongs!  Reality will be mended.  And all will end with a punch straight in Dr. Smithís stupid face.

After a long hiatus, Bo Saget picks up the old authorís reigns and continues the Collider story with Collider: The BE Particle.  The events of Collider created a god particle using the large hadron collider.  That god particle has the power to warp reality in what ever image the owner of the particle wishes.  Unfortunately (or fortunately), the reality is more often than not a fulled fever dream full of giant breasts and sex. Collider: The BE Particle has plenty of breast growth and sex that Bo Saget is known for.  Additionally, the story features some amazon and giantess sized women and penis growth for good measure.  Readers are sure to enjoy the reality bending ride Collider: The BE Particle offers.

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