Cheer Captain #3
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Demi and Julies competitive orgy got the attention of the campus police.  The two are not going down without a fight.  Demi lunges at another student and instantly starts giving him a surprise blowjob.  At this point both their fates are sealed, neither of them will be the cheer captain.  Meanwhile Carol got her hands on the potion.  Now Carol has always been the butt of the cheer team and she sees this as a prime opportunity to get revenge.  A short time later at a college game, the stage was set for the biggest orgy the college has ever seen.  Without fail, all of the cheerleaders, except Carol, found their breasts and libido growing.  The very horny cheerleaders soon grab the shocked football players in for an all out orgy of the ages.  Carol revels in her revenge, when suddenly her breasts start to grow as well. The tables are turned as Carol rushes into the sexual fray to satisfy her intense lustful urges.  All of this happened because Demi wasn’t the cheer captain…

Cheer Captain is Bo Saget’s first story to the Bimbo Story Club.  The story focuses on the cheerleader fantasy.  It is hard not to watch cheerleaders and not wish that they were “cheering” for you.  Cheer Captain also includes breast expansion as an extra flavoring to the sexual situations.   The breast expansion also serves as a way for Breast Expansion Story Club readers to enjoy the story as well.   Cheer Captian is filled to the brim with sex, sex, and more sex.  The author aims to make each sexual encounter better than the last with a grand finale at the end.  Such is Bo Saget’s style in his works.

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