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Cooperative resource: Definitive Cocknosis
« on: November 01, 2017, 11:48:20 AM »
As I said in my comment for Genma's Cocknosis here is a compilation and merger of the 2 Code Geass cocknosis threads of the book itself.
I'm also asking for assistance to expand upon and complete it. Key: "text of the book" [editorial notations] (special text)
"The Secret of Cocknosis"
"Hypnotise people by way of a massive cock Gain power over their mind and body by dint of being hung. Not particularly large in that particular area? No problem! The very first technique of the book will help with that as well -" And on it went, talking about the merits of massive manhood. [Expand on them, or just keep to the following?]
"There are at least 33 different ways to **100** a person with your expanded genitalia. That it is possible to improve the physical characteristics of those you **101** to include yourself, things like strength, endurance, durability, reflexes, speed, and healing rate are just a few of these.
Appearance can be changed as you like, unhappy with a hair color or length? Breast size is malleable as well as the rest of a woman's measurements. It is even possible to transform the clitoris into a feminine penis. It’s not just the female form that is putty to your will men too, can be made to please you. Could someone use a few bumps in height? The best was saved for last, increase the capacity for a vagina to handle your new dick, no more worry over not fitting, or causing pain, or wounds! Just pick a method and use a Word of Power, note that these could be phrases not just single words. (Tiny fine print: Physical transformations are not without cost and must be maintained through regular sexual exertion. Or in other words, you’ve got to fuck to keep that big dick, brother!)"

"Your ability to dominate men is dependent on you having a much larger cock than them."

-The 33 different ways to **100** a person each seems to be on its own page-
"Technique One: Dicking Up: For most men, this is the most essential technique to learn in the book. Without it those men would be thoroughly incapable of even using most of the techniques herein! It is deceptively easy to perform. Stand in front of a mirror, stare into your own eyes and lay hands upon this book. After staring for no less than ten seconds, utter the words written below. They will trigger your growth, and grant greater cock control! Biggus Dickus.” [A moment of nothing (maybe half-full second?), then something... stirs. The more the user stares at his new member the harder and harder it is to pull himself away from it, the larger it is compounds this effect]
“Technique Three: Flaccid Acid: Swing that limp noodle about, while talking about it, your voice being calm and soothing.” [episode:]
“Technique Four: Rubbing Feelings: Get them fondling your package and before they know it, they’ve **101** themselves.” [kind of in episode: 896298]
“Technique Five: Vein Brain Drain: While calling attention to the veins of your mighty phallus, match your voice’s rhythm to your subject’s breathing, slowly making it monotonous.“ [episode:]
“Technique Six: Alpha of Alphas: Describe in detail how insignificant all males compare to you.“ [episode: 893245]
“Technique Eight: Envious Clit: Bring that primal penis envy out to the forefront of her mind.“ [episode: 897118]
“Technique Nine: Drug of Choice: Describe how much they love your penis, how they’re so addicted to it they can’t live without it.” [episode:]
“Technique Ten: Drip Drop Drip: “ [episode:]
“Technique 12: Geyser Subjugation: Call attention to your masturbation describing their submission to your will once you climax." [episode: 901029]
“Technique 18: Gonad Roll: Grab hold of one ball in each hand, roll them around in their sack and all eyes will follow them." [episode: 899019]
“Technique 22: Trouser Snake: make sure a person is looking at your crotch while saying: It's not a pen in my pocket. I really am happy to see you.” (Not a **104** inducer, but sows thoughts of the penis into minds of witnesses. The only technique that didn't involve having bare genitals) [episode: 888502]
“Technique 23: Erection Seduction: as your erection grows speak about it, describe in detail the changes as it engorges with blood.” [episode:]

(It merely describes the various techniques. Each technique has its own vulnerabilities that the others cover in some manner or other. [episode: 886780])

"Your Massive Weiner and You: " "Choking your Chicken – **56** her Mind: " [Where in the book should these go, and what under them?]

- physical alteration section -
(tiny fine print) Physical transformations are not without cost and must be maintained through regular sexual exertion. Or in other words, you’ve got to fuck to keep that big dick, brother! all physical alterations were fueled in the same way. The changes made to others are initially powered by users own sexual encounters, but the individuals in question must maintain the alterations through further intercourse.

A person's body is not defended by their will power and would accept changes without issue.
-Words of Power- Mutual nudity between user and subject would strengthen trances and extend their duration, only the exposure of the penis is required, an erection is necessary in most cases.
“Becocky: That bro need some mojo? Give his pocket rocket a boost of 4 inches per utterance, for every guy under your thrall in earshot.” [my own from the Ranma Cocknosis thread]
“Boobicus Maximus: Make them titties grow! One bust size per utterance, and every chick under your thrall in earshot gets a bit more in their funbags.”
“Clitus Dickus: Releif from penis envy for girls everywhere, or at least under your control." [episode: 893535]
“Deepicus Throaticus: Want a blow job? Make the mouth and throat nearly as sensitive as a pussy.” [Minor plumping of lips, slightly longer neck, opening mouth so wide it actually sort of looks like the jaw is unhinging]
“Dick Up: Accidentally gave a guy too many inches? Enlarge your manhood, and take back control!” [Caution doubles everything but quantity. Originally interchangeable with biggus dickus.]
“Gluteus Augmentus: Someone need more junk for their trunk?” [episode: 969820]
“Muscle Up: ” [Shoulders and arms now toned with lean muscle. Formerly merely flat stomach now had a barely visible six pack and legs were similarly openly defined. A petite woman is now able to perform as if she were a massive four hundred pound weight lifter as opposed to a thin wiry muscled little thing. Causes sexual arousal when using strength.]
“Roomy cunt: Makes this pussy able to handle vast stretching.” [Causes disappointment with anything less than users size, episode: 929293]
“Welcoming Rear: Craving for anal? Got you covered!” [Minor increase of butt check size, may need diapers until the muscles learn to constrict further than they are used to (own take on the vague original text)]

Hentainomicon’s Words of Power [what about adopting a few of these? episode 618937]
Mokhornai: The Word of Unyielding Hardness, makes the staff of virility grow as steel, and remain so until discharged via one of a woman's three gates.
Fhelatihoh: The Word of Oral Delight, fills it's target with the desire to perform oral sex until they receive the users seed.
Ahbehdeanse: The Word of Ultimate Enslavement, the target is made to follow the commands of the user until the user chooses to release them.
Ornaiazlut: The Word of Women's Desire, fills the target's body with the desire for vaginal intercourse until they are filled with ejaculate.
Inzereere: The Word of Anal Need, Fills the target with the need to have their anus filled, and only stops when they have cum.
Beeglowd: The Word of Male Potency, increases the amount of seed produced by the target many times.
Oagaddjes: The Word of Orgasmic Bliss, gives the target an instant and overwhelming orgasm that can sometimes last over a minute.
Makittbeeg: The Word of Male Size, changes the size of the staff of virility to meet it's user's desire.
Bharenez: The Word of Infertility, makes the target completely infertile until the word of Motherhood is used.
Phurtyleez: The Word of Motherhood, makes the likelihood of the target becoming pregnant 100% the next time they are ejaculated in.
Grobuusumz: The Word of Female Enhancement, increased the size of the breasts to meet the desires of the user.
Meelkmii: The Word of Lactation, the target's breasts will rapidly produce milk in large quantities for one week.
Hermmafrodytt: The Word of Gender Fusion, the target will be transformed into a Hermaphrodite, with fully functional male and female genitalia and mammary glands, until they receive seed in all three of their holes, and deposit seed into all three of a woman's holes.
Kiipmiisaeff: The Word of Protection, protects the user from all magical influence that does not originate from his or herself.

“Having a hard time? Is she looking at your trouser titan? No seriously, is she? If she is and she's still not going under go back and Dick Up like you were told to fifty pages ago...
...now don't be a fucking prude. Use your words for the sexy always! Or at least two for every one that's not. Otherwise you're totally not going to be a Cocknosis pro. Or even an amateur...
...the **104** not so super? Maybe your filly rolled a natural twenty on her wisdom score? Or she's a vampire or a goddess trapped in human form? No, don't be stupid. None of that's real, take it from the book on using your dong to mind control women. Anyway, very rarely a combination of different induction techniques spaced out over a few days is necessary for the particularly dense female. Check out Appendix Eight...”

-failure to heed physical alteration fine print example-
“Roomy cunt!” Instead of Shirley adjusting to accommodate him, for whatever reason the enlarged dick had shrunk back to its normal size.
Wait. Had the book not stated that transformations were maintained by sexual activity? The very thing he’d been avoiding doing... So this was the cost for not succumbing to the perverted requirements placed by whoever had invented these techniques. So be it. If his hypothesis was correct, then all it would take to regain control over the situation was to do what his balls were aching for. [episode: 888589]

I will look at making a Google Docs version if there is interest in helping me.



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Re: Cooperative resource: Definitive Cocknosis
« Reply #1 on: November 03, 2017, 04:17:30 AM »
Wow no one is interested in helping to complete this, or at least point out additions to make from the Addventure?
What about this as a new Word of Power entry?
“Caesaries Maximus: ‘Darlin', give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair’ The Cowsills” or alter the definition to read "in the immortal words of The Cowsills  give me a head with hair, long beautiful hair" https://translate.google.com/#auto/en/Caesaries
Maybe that one would be for turning people into Cousin It/Sasquatch full body hair? Also what should the 'spells' for adding height, and inversely removing height be, and are they or not 'sexy' words?
Same questions for sensitivity boosts: a general/whole body boost, breast & nipple, vaginal, anal, penis. What should we call a lactation inducer?
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