Wyrd Juggs
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In Coxsuc Highschool within the city of New York. Aquila Ulthule is a bespectacled and belittled individual who is constantly assailed by rude; often sultry exhibitionism partaking strumpets at her place of academia. While a straight A honor student respected by many of her peers, socially and physically she’s anatomically awkward; lacking in looks as well as personal charm compared to many of the buxom  yet mean spirited airheads who make fun of her lacking sex appeal. Even creating cruel sports to play at her expense on a daily basis, one day her relative from overseas who has a natch for archeology & the supernatural. A goth girl named Idelle Belloc from WitchWay Academy comes to town brandishing her hot bod to her belittled cousin, whom in a jealous huff fails to realize the young witch had given her a special tourist gift from her conjurous escapades.

Wyrd Juggs is a story about a typical repressed undesirable whose not too much of a shrinking violet but also not very outgoing either. Like most anyone she has goals and aspirations like the rest of the herd, but feels largely overshadowed by the  physically more attractive; (and in some cases abrasive) mean spirited bimbos who occupy her school. Seeing all that she needed was a little confidence boost, a good friend and family relative helps her inadvertently unlock her true inner potential. I a great many ways no one could have predicted, the story’s basis is boils down to wanting to be something other than yourself; just to feel more noticeably commendable. And that whatever you get you have one of two options either you can hate yourself for it later, or make the most of it, finding a way to make it work for you in the now.

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