Spells R Us: The Sexy Formula #3
« on: November 17, 2017, 07:03:23 AM »

Maryís body is now that of a sex goddess since she has finished all of the formula. Luke does not need to question her transformation for long until he makes his well endowed member do the talking for him. As they have sex, the pleasure sends waves all through her body. They are so strong that she does not notice three of Lukeís teammates sneak into the room. As they watch and awe, they call Mary sexy several times. This prompts not only her body to transform, but her mind as well. She begins to crave and yell for more penis which Lukeís teammates happily provide her. This results on a full on gang bang as her body transforms even further during the whole ordeal, becoming even bigger than Dinaís! The men cannot hold back their ejaculations as Mary relishes in it all. After, she still clamors for more!

Spells R Us: The Sexy Formula Part 3 now delivers my favorite kind of transformation: growing while getting gangbanged! Rarely have I ever seen such a sex filled, crazy cause of growth. Mary absolutely loves it throughout! Usually, Spells R Us stories have a somewhat tragic ending; becoming a sex slave, a blow up doll. They are like things straight out of The Twilight Zone. Iím not sure how these ladies will maintain their bodies, but Mary seems to be enthusiastic about her outcome! The panels of all the men doing Mary at once are just amazing pieces of art. SupremeD just made Mary the goddess that she always wanted to be. The way she reaches out in the last panel, it is like Mary is inviting me to cum in her next! It is a shame more ladies did not drink The Sexy Formula, but Iím sure happy these two did!

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