Stream Famous #2
« on: November 29, 2017, 06:55:16 PM »

After growing on her stream, Nikki’s popularity exploded online. She officially made the switch from a video game streamer to a cam show girl. Her ex-moderator, Kimmie, is filled with jealousy, seeking to find this mysterious internet user that somehow has the power to make girls grow. Kimmie’s intention wasn’t just to grow a little bit, it was to become double the size of her friend. When she finally gets in contact with her wish granter, her dreams come true on stream in front of thousands of viewers. A foreign exchange student runs into her room, mistaking her moans of pleasure for something dangerous, and like a fly to a web, he falls into Kimmie’s clutches.

The acclaimed Stream Famous finally has it’s much anticipated sequel, and it was well worth the wait! Stream Famous 2 takes place soon after the first issue and also has a new main character, Kimmie. Her opposition to Nikki’s attitude really makes this comic, and once Kimmie gets what she wished for, it blows the original Stream Famous out of the water. This time, with a spectacular and lengthy sex scene, Kimmie’s bimbofication ordeal is just a spectacular blend of growth, fear, and extreme lust . SupremeD just takes something that most of us would WISH happen on streams today. I’m even more curious where the “Famous” series goes next!!

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