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Now that the team of Gaias has been bolstered by three new members, word is beginning to spread across the Confederation of Planets that real hope exists. Even as her powers grow and her team becomes more adept, she and Vic must still deal with the politics of societies alien to her and Vic and the bureaucracy of the military they work with. Lori's and Vic's relationship is put to the test as women line up to meet him, desperate to become a Gaia.

Lori leads her team to a remote planet to help the GCF establish a much needed base to bolster the war effort. However, all is not what it seems to be on this quiet, desolate planet. A sinister plot is uncovered, a new friend may have questionable motives and more fighting breaks out.

This book is told from both Lori's and Vic's POV.

This is a continuation of the Gaia Ambition series. It is an erotic tale that contains breast expansion, mini-GTS, science fiction, MG, WG and MF, FF, MFFF, FFF intercourse.
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Growing Within

Reina is a highly introverted young woman with body issue images. She has a skin condition that causes acne like bumps on her arms and she believes that her slowly growing breasts are too big for her small slender body. She covers herself in baggy clothing to hide her "flaws." An accident involves her blood to be infected with that of a succubus and she immediately realizes how little she has to be ashamed of. As her confidence grows and minor flaws disappear, she has a new outlook on life. However, she quickly realizes this comes at a price and the demon inside her wants to be fed.

This is an erotic tale that contains Breast expansion up to very large sizes. It contains body transformation, MF and FF intercourse, and succubus activity.

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A Little Getaway continues in this 2nd installment. The tables have turned when the ladies awaken to find that Anthony has shrunk down to smaller than their size, all except one particular part of his body. The rivalries between the women spark back up as they struggle to find a way to reverse their predicament all the while enjoying each other in several different ways and combinations. The group makes an arduous journey to rectify their problem as time is not on their side as Anthony is still shrinking and Bree is still growing. The mysterious secret of the house is discovered.

This is an erotic story contains BE, shrinking, MF, FF, MFFF and FFF intercourse.

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Elizabeth Primm is back in this 3rd installment of the Bosom Destiny series.

Cautiously optimistic, Elizabeth has gotten herself on a strict and maintainable routine to satisfy the house and maintain her good standing with the estate. She has reluctantly become more and more relaxed to the idea of carrying a larger bust than she ever thought was attractive or desirable in the hopes of being able to rectify it in any way she sees fit once she has the money. Her friends and lovers become more and more complicit in her goals as she regularly uses the lingerie shop employees to dump unwanted excess cup sizes.

However, a meeting with two enigmatic figures in her travels tend to cast doubt on what her true mission statement is as it becomes harder to tell right from wrong and the good guys from the bad guys on her jumps. Elizabeth faces some tough decisions, but will she make the right ones?

This is an erotic tale featuring breast expansion up to amazing sizes as well as MF & FF intercourse, attribute shifting, living clothes, and WG.