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Happy New Year!

A southwestern news station is struck by a meteorite that bestows all of the female on air personalities with amazing abilities. However, there is a cost to using these new powers: each woman gradually grows in bust size to bra-bursting proportions. Office politics, career posturing and old fashioned jealousy abound in this tale of BE and sex.

This story features women who reach big/large sizes and fearures MF, FMF, FF traditional sex with several body types from petite to BBW.
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Bosom Destiny is a stand alone novelette that contains BE primarily but features elements of LC, absorption, lactation, adult nursing, gang bang (consensual, always consensual), lesbian and straight sex.

This story is different for me and a lot of BE stories in that the MC is not a booby greed size addict intent on being bigger than everything and everybody. The focus here is on her situation and her plight and how she handles it.

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