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Happy New Year!

A southwestern news station is struck by a meteorite that bestows all of the female on air personalities with amazing abilities. However, there is a cost to using these new powers: each woman gradually grows in bust size to bra-bursting proportions. Office politics, career posturing and old fashioned jealousy abound in this tale of BE and sex.

This story features women who reach big/large sizes and fearures MF, FMF, FF traditional sex with several body types from petite to BBW.
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Bosom Destiny is a stand alone novelette that contains BE primarily but features elements of LC, absorption, lactation, adult nursing, gang bang (consensual, always consensual), lesbian and straight sex.

This story is different for me and a lot of BE stories in that the MC is not a booby greed size addict intent on being bigger than everything and everybody. The focus here is on her situation and her plight and how she handles it.

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The next installment of the Supermarket is up.

This is a continuing story that has chapters in The Cleavage Accounts 5-10. and overloaded&pi=AC_SX236_SY340_FMwebp_QL65&qid=1516811684&ref_=mp_s_a_1
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Callie is the most beautiful woman around. She knows this to be true, it isn't bravado or delusion. She is the subject of a on-going effort by a pharmaceutical giant that has wreaked havoc with her social life and turned her into a collection of superlatives. She has an incredible body and an unknowable beauty that allows her to have any man she wants. The only problem is, her insatiable hunger for sex and fulfillment has left her unable to be satisfied by any man.

Distraught, depressed and devastated - she believes she will never find someone to really love if she can never gain true satisfaction. As the forces in her body reach their peak, she ponders what her future holds.

Then she meets Risana.

Her world is turned upside down as she struggles to understand how a woman with more physical beauty then her could even exist. She wants to know everything about her, what her background is. Was she too part of the pharmaceutical trial? What she uncovers is a tremendous secret that Risana is hiding that she never could have foreseen.

This is an erotic story about a straight woman meeting and falling in love with a Futanari. It includes breast expansion. There is female/futa intercourse.
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This novel, Gaia Ambition contains fast BE and mini GTS. It has a sci-fi setting and lots of action. There is WG, MG, crushing, and some domination along with traditional MF, FF and FMF sex.