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(Nanny filtered again, sigh. Direct link is only way to see it.)

It has come down to the wire and the makeshift team of Professionals along with Candace and Bobbi are trying to pad what they think is a comfortable lead. One item remains to be found on their scavenger hunt list, but before they locate it, Talia receives a large boost from the awesome 34WW bra designed for Lillian herself. Her teammates become a bit disenchanted and jealous of her, but are motivated to continue which leads them to keep searching into the night.

The Identicals reveal that they are not exactly what they seem in a mesmerizing and somewhat frightening sort of way, but share their power with the contestants in a special ritual in an unusual location. Skylar reveals a secret, much to Candace and Jennifer's delight and a new leader comes from behind to claim the top spot on the board.

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It seems to have passed the filter, but something funky is going on with the cover again...

Camila has moved to the big city and has an interview with a hot new company that everyone is talking about. She is smart, motivated, beautiful and yet... she feels like she doesn't quite measure up in the right area to meet the company's profile. Either way, she puts on a push up bra and a tight blouse and hopes for the best, only to find out that she is on the fast track straight to the top.

This is a BE story featuring fast growth and huge sizes up to room filling WOW proportions. It features many characters from The Cleavage Accounts series, but is a stand alone story that new readers can enjoy as well as old. This is an erotic tale that contains MF, FF, MFF intercourse, BE, PE, growth, MG and magic.

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The Gaia team undertakes the tedious task of going house to house and door to door to check every Gorran citizen to determine if they are a synthetic imposter put in place by the Curators to sabotage their efforts in establishing the GCF base. Lori and Vic receive tactical help in two very valuable ways from a very unlikely source giving Vic the ability to push Lori's body and power to a new level.

Vic's finely atuned Adept powers make him even more desirable and he finds himself the object of every Gaia's increased desire as they struggle to maintain decorum and discipline as they wait their turn to **82** with him.

The action heats up as Lori leads the team into a Curator stronghold and some touch choices have to be made.

This is an erotic tale featuring mini GTS, fast BE, WG, MG, overall growth and superhuman abilities. MF, MFF, FF intercourse.

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Travis and Gloria do their best to adjust to their situation in dealing with Gloria's now fantastic proportions. Their sex life is great, however the real world logistics and practicalities of having a bust has huge as hers demands that there be changes.

A new an interesting way to classify the sizes that Gloria, Bridgette and Radhi have reached is discovered bringing with it new challenges and goals to attain.

Bridgette and Radhi set about trying to impress their new boss by filling as many staff positions with as many quality applicants as quickly as possible as opening day approaches.

This is an erotic tale containing BE up to massive ambulatory sizes, MF, FF, FFF intercourse and WG, MG and superhuman abilities.

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Joni is trying to get pregnant. After several stints with fertility clinics she is ready to give up. Her best friend Nancy takes her to a new clinic in the city that promises miraculous results. However, her dreams are dashed yet again until another option presents itself. The results are nothing short of amazing as Joni's body responds in spectacular ways giving her not only what she wants, but an incredible voluptuous body that grows with her insatiable appetitie for pleasure and food.

This is an erotic tale about a pregnant woman experiencing fast BE, WG and growth. It features FF and FMMF intercourse.

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Elizabeth has discovered a rhythm that allows her to maintain the body she desires, however her chest is still growing towards epic sizes. She realizes she must find vessels to dump her excess growth, but for now, the pressure is off of her and she is more comfortable with the tasks put in front of her.

Her jumps become more pleasing and she meets new friends who may have implications in her life later on and she also reconciles with one of her family members and old friend with whom she has been out of touch with.

However, she has a peculiar reunion with someone every important to her that makes her question her entire existence.

This is an erotic tale featuring BE up to huge sizes, attribute gifting, living clothes, FF and FFF intercourse.

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A new day brings a new round of competition for the growing contestants. Today's events present more physical challenges that favor some over others. Despite this, unlikely alliances are forged as the women discover that they can all benefit from each other's cooperation. It appears that they are in direct competition with another team of contestants that have been in front of them all along.

Jennifer, Desiree and Talia strengthen their friendship and connect on a deeper level.

Talia discovers that something sinister lurks on the island but makes a meaningful breakthrough with some old foes.

This is an erotic tale that contains breast expansion and MFF and FFF intercourse.

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Camila is better equipped and more confident for her second day on the job. However, today's assignment brings forth an encounter with a very busty, very powerful and very enigmatic operative that shakes her to her core. Camila's abilities begin to awaken yet leave her with more questions as one of her rivals makes huge gains.

This is an erotic tale containing fast BE, huge sizes, BBW, growth, MG, WG, mini GTS, MF, FFF intercourse. There is magic and paranormal activity.

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A group of researchers and hired mercenaries descend upon an ancient Central American pyramid to search for rare resources, artifacts and the secrets of everlasting youth, beauty and life. Instead, they find that the temple's defenses are still active and two of their own become pawns of a powerful mythical deity.

This is an erotic tale featuring BE up to large sizes, transformation into mythical monsters, mild violence and MF intercourse.

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The next chapter in the ongoing The Supermarket Restocked series.

The women of Merchant Pat's decide to take some well-earned rest and relaxation at Jessica's house to enjoy her pool. Denae and Jessica become intimate to best maximize Jessica's breast enhancing bounty. Gloria and Bridgette talk about the ramifications of the day's events and future prospects while Bridgette gives her very sensual attention. Finally, the women indulge in a fun and physical game and determine who is the strongest of the group.

Travis has to come to terms with his wife's amazing growth and Gloria comes up with a game changing idea from an unlikely source.

This is an erotic tale featuring BE up to immense sizes. It is science fiction based body modification. It features MF and FF intercourse.

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Terry reunites with an old flame who was just like one of the guys. Marlin was that special girlfriend that loved to hang out and do guy things without any fuss. Something changes, and Marlin disappears for over two years, totally pulling away from her friends. A chance meeting allows them to reunite, but Terry quickly finds out that his old crush has changed in a major way.

This is a slow burn BE story featuring slow, natural growth, weight gain and very large sizes and minimal implied process. The focus is on the budding romance between the main characters. It contains MF intercourse.



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I am very much enjoying "About Marlin" and hope that you continue it. I love a nice slow-burn BE story, especially one where further growth can be directly influenced by diet.

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Glad to hear it. I have thought about doing such a story for a while, but it wasn't until I came across that model and did that morph that I had my character and the inspiration to do it.

Oh yes. There will be more.

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Joni and Nancy return as their pregnant bodies continue to grow and respond to their appetite for love making and food. Although Joni's incredible body is breaking all notions of the limits of the human anatomy, the two decide to have a friendly competition to explore their abilities. Several bystanders eagerly tag along for the ride.

This is an erotic tale featuring pregnant women engaging in MF, FF and group intercourse. Contains breast expansion, age regression, muscle growth and weight gain.

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The Gaia team is being spread thin due to multiple attacks across different fronts as The Curators continue their assault on the Gorran home world. Lori shows off her improved stamina and exemplary fighting potential as does Phadria, but both still find themselves overextended.

Lori initiates a daring and risky initiative to bring in reinforcements and the team discovers an unforeseen power from an unlikely source. In the process, Lori hatches out a scheme to transform her incredible body into an even more potent form. Yet an unbelievable revelation puts everything in a different perspective.

This is an erotic tale featuring mini-GTS up to and over 8 feet in height. It contains fast BE, weight gain, muscle gain, crushing and mild violence, MF, and FF intercourse.