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(Nanny filtered again, sigh. Direct link is only way to see it.)

It has come down to the wire and the makeshift team of Professionals along with Candace and Bobbi are trying to pad what they think is a comfortable lead. One item remains to be found on their scavenger hunt list, but before they locate it, Talia receives a large boost from the awesome 34WW bra designed for Lillian herself. Her teammates become a bit disenchanted and jealous of her, but are motivated to continue which leads them to keep searching into the night.

The Identicals reveal that they are not exactly what they seem in a mesmerizing and somewhat frightening sort of way, but share their power with the contestants in a special ritual in an unusual location. Skylar reveals a secret, much to Candace and Jennifer's delight and a new leader comes from behind to claim the top spot on the board.

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It seems to have passed the filter, but something funky is going on with the cover again...

Camila has moved to the big city and has an interview with a hot new company that everyone is talking about. She is smart, motivated, beautiful and yet... she feels like she doesn't quite measure up in the right area to meet the company's profile. Either way, she puts on a push up bra and a tight blouse and hopes for the best, only to find out that she is on the fast track straight to the top.

This is a BE story featuring fast growth and huge sizes up to room filling WOW proportions. It features many characters from The Cleavage Accounts series, but is a stand alone story that new readers can enjoy as well as old. This is an erotic tale that contains MF, FF, MFF intercourse, BE, PE, growth, MG and magic.

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The Gaia team undertakes the tedious task of going house to house and door to door to check every Gorran citizen to determine if they are a synthetic imposter put in place by the Curators to sabotage their efforts in establishing the GCF base. Lori and Vic receive tactical help in two very valuable ways from a very unlikely source giving Vic the ability to push Lori's body and power to a new level.

Vic's finely atuned Adept powers make him even more desirable and he finds himself the object of every Gaia's increased desire as they struggle to maintain decorum and discipline as they wait their turn to **82** with him.

The action heats up as Lori leads the team into a Curator stronghold and some touch choices have to be made.

This is an erotic tale featuring mini GTS, fast BE, WG, MG, overall growth and superhuman abilities. MF, MFF, FF intercourse.