Doctor V's Bimbos #4
« on: January 12, 2018, 04:55:39 PM »

The two elite agents, Minah and Nina find themselves captured and subject to all three of Dr. Vís bimbo serums. Seeing what their friends ended up like, and with the threat of becoming slaves, the duo resist what they could Minah quickly sells out Nina to be the first to be tested. She results in having an even curvier butt, huge breasts and is twice as horny as the other team. She allows herself to be double penetrated while her friend looks on in horror. Thatís when Dr. V sneaks and injects her with the same dosage.


Issue 4 of Dr. Vís Bimbos definitely turns it down a notch after how great the last issue was. Again, since there was so little effort to capture the ďelitesĒ, I really question this organization. The series already has been setup, this issue takes very little time to get the ball rolling. We return back to the growing followed by sex setup though here, SupremeD pushes the envelope.

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