Addventure Poll Ideas
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For the next poll I have three suggestions:

1) What kind of setting do you most prefer for expansions and changes?
-Original setting, a mix of based on Earth / fantasy or sci-fi place.
-The Unending BE world with Jim, Rick and co.
-In an anime, comic, movie, etc. universe.
-Real life settings with **28** or other famous people.
-Don't care as along as there is expansion or content I like.

2) What sort of content do you like to read about?
-Breast expansion, after all that is what this place is all about.
-Other expansions or growth, women need to gain other curves too.
-Body modification, the flesh is a canvas to made into something great.
-Full transformation, why settle for normal when a person could be extraordinary.
-Mental changes, a new you with or without a new body.
-Sex, put those altered forms to good use.
-Some other fetish not listed.

3) What do you like to see in an episode?
-Just expansions and/or transformation, not story needed.
-Expansion / transformation mixed with sex, don't care about story.
-Story plus expansions and/or transformation.
-Story with expansions and/or transformation and sex.
-Anything is good.



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Re: Addventure Poll Ideas
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Those are interesting questions, but I'm not sure whether they would be suitable for the BEAddventure Recent Episodes page, which I feel should be limited to questions about how the addventure should operate and how people use it, rather than about people's preferred content. Adama's view may well differ from mine, but I'd suggest that here on the forum would be a better place for the sort of poll that you have in mind. (Though the drawback is that not that many people seem to visit the forum.)



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Re: Addventure Poll Ideas
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JH is right about my original intent, but I added that line asking for poll ideas because I did want to open it up to polls about anything.  From things like Brickware suggests to asking people what they had for breakfast.

So I will probably implement the above suggestions.
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