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Breast Expansion Story Club ideas
« on: February 27, 2018, 03:30:38 AM »
I tried to post this idea on the BE Story Club ideas section but it never popped up. I decided to start this thread to post ideas of future BE Story Club comics. Here is mine:

Chubby Hubby Ice Cream sequel

Julia and Campbell are now lovers who are bisexual. While eating ice cream and having big-busty sex one night, Campbell suggest they get back at Julia's ex-boyfriend by inviting their nerdy male friend over to try out their ice cream. The nerdy guy arrives to their place and is shocked to find the two girls now having giant breasts. The girls have him try out the ice cream, where his cock begins to grow in front of them. Julia and Campbell instantly fall in love with the nerd and the three get naked and have steamy threesome sex. The three use Julia's phone to take pictures and videos of them fucking in a variety of positions all while the nerd's cock and the bisexual girls' breasts grow larger. Afterwards, Julia sends the videos and photos to her ex-boyfriend, and the two girls make the nerdy guy their boyfriend. The story ends with the nerd being sandwiched inbetween his two mega-busty girlfriends who are snuggling against him, their breasts pressing against him.

The sex positions I would like to see is where the guy takes each of the girls' breasts and suck on the nipples simultaneously, another where one girl rides the guy's cock while another has her pussy eaten by him, and another where the two busty girls grind their pussies against the guy's huge cock in a scissor position, sort of like a double pussyjob, while the girls suck each other's nipples.
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