A Kiss #2
« on: March 14, 2018, 01:46:38 PM »


So far Fred has utterly failed. Unless you are a god. The gods are howling at his misadventures. To recap, the gods of Ancient Greece have granted Fred the power to reshape anyone mentally and physically. But in addition to a few safe guards, no reshaping gods or other greater beings, to keep things interesting they’ve added an extra requirement: Fred has to kiss them. This is where Fred keeps failing. His chances of kissing anyone border on zero. How do you deal with this? Put on a big smile, dress up and go clubbing!


William Pratt seeks to spread some of that Greek Drama goodness around, so he’s taken it right back to the source: The ancient gods of Greece and Rome. Life hasn’t been treating the ancient gods of Greece and Rome so well since the rise of Christianity and they are BORED! So bored that they are meddling in the affairs of mortals: Specifically one mortal: Fred. Fred is too uncool to be a nerd. He lives with his mother. He’s never been on a date, and other than his mother he’s kissed exactly one girl. And in order to take advantage of the gift he’s received from the gods, he needs to kiss more.

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