In the Shadow of Heroes: Growing Pains #2 [NEW ISSUE]
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Peter is a Normal in a world full of Heroes: his best friend is a speedster, his mailman’s part dog, and his teacher is psychic. So when Rebecca’s 18th birthday comes and goes without her powers awakening he breaths a sign of relief. Partially because he’s not alone in being Normal, and partially because he’s spent the better portion of his life teasing his best friend’s little sister. Well, he’s about to find himself on the wrong (or right?) side of her growing pains. Not so little any more, aye Petey?


Focusing strictly on the sexual escapades of Peter and Rebecca as they explore her new, swelling body. Lots of FMG, BE and mini-GTS growth. Rebecca is making up for lost time and throwing her weight around to maximize her pleasure. Some house crashing growth, male and female oral sex, and lifting involved in this one as well.

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