SizeCon Socials and Cafes
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If you haven't stopped by, now might be a good time! We've got quite a few events up and I wanted to take a moment to discuss some of the new editions to this year's schedule.

SizeCon Socials - In response to feedback from last year's event, we're creating space for more social interaction between attendees. We'll still have a line-up of wonderful panels, but those are far less interactive. A social event is all about *you* the attendees getting to share ideas, opinions, and experiences. Each social focuses on a specific group, such as Furry/Anthro, M4M, W4W, Darkside, Transgender, and more. We'll also have socials focused on specific interests such as Growth, Shrinking, Expansion, and Vore!

SizeCon Cafes - Taking a page from the Maid Cafe playbook, we'll be holding three one-hour events specifically for lovers of Giants and Giantesses, for lovers of Shrinking and Tinies, and for Breast Expansion fans. Each cafe offers light refreshments and a chance to relax and socialize not only with the members of our cafe, but with other attendees who all share the same passions. We'll be using costume changes, a little roleplay, and some suspension of disbelief to revel in the types of transformations each cafe focuses on.

Each cafe requires its own entry ticket (to help offset the cost of catering it), which can be purchased at .



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Re: SizeCon Socials and Cafes
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The BE Cafe was amazing! Great prosthetic work; great role playing!

Wish I could share photos with you, but there were rules about photography. Quite a few guests preferred not to have photos taken....

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