Timothy’s neighbor, Margret, has been taking some extra special supplements. Let’s just say they’ve given her a new perspective on life.

Now utterly cock obsessed, Margret’s growing hungry leads her to increasingly voyeuristic heights of pleasure. She’ll do anything for that cock, even if it means begging on her knees. It doesn’t help that her pesky lactating boobs only escalate her and Timothy’s growth. How long will it be before they literally can’t hide their secret love affair. I mean surely Timothy’s mom or even Margret’s daughter (who has a secret crush on Timothy) will notice a giant leaking bimbo fondling him? Or maybe they’ll just try and get in on the action. Milf Milk continues in this titillating second chapter with tons of milfy-breast expansion and plenty of lactation.


Milfy delights continue in the second chapter of Milf Milk. Timothy tries to be a helpful to his Milf-tastic neighbor, only to find he is now the sole center of her lustful attention. You’ll find breast growth, height growth, ass growth, slight muscle growth, penis growth, personality shifting into a bimbo, and plenty of lactation. This is part two of a multi-part series where more lactation and pleading milfs will be sure to follow. All characters are over the age of 18.

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