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Part 12: A treat before bed

While Emil was busying himself with removing all incriminating traces in the living room, we softly sneaked back through the garden to the front side of the house. Unfortunately I had let the door fall shut and in our hurry hadn't considered that you needed a key to open it from the outside. Because we didn't want to spend all night in the garden, we had no other option than to ring the bell. Emil was very surprised when he opened the door and found us standing there in our undies.

"What are you two doing out there?", he asked confounded.
"We wanted to know what you were watching in the middle of the night.", Dora answered with a cheeky grin. Emil turned beet-red and stuttered: "You did... I'm sorry... I... " It was obvious to see that he was extremely embarrassed by this. "I really don't know what came over me.", he finally admitted abashed. "It might be for the best, if I drive you back to the city tomorrow."

"It would be for the best if you let us enter the house again until then.", Dora replied with a laugh and went past Emil into the hallway. "I don't know about you, but I'm freaked out enough to need a drink.", she encouraged. Politely we followed Dora to the living room and Emil filled three small glasses with ice-cold vodka. For a time we stood there, waiting, sipping silently on our drinks.

"How did you manage to find our video?", I finally asked to break the awkward silence. "More or less by dumb luck.", Emil replied contritely. "The camera was lying on the ground beside the bed. First I didn't even think about it. I thought it had fallen down, and I only wanted to test if it was still intact." He hesitated. "How was I to know what was on that tape?"
"But then you wanted to know even better.", I responded with a broad grin.
"It seems we weren't meant to keep anything secret among us.", Dora pondered. "First you caught us in the garden shed, now we caught you."
"And you found the magazines in my drawer.", Emil added reluctantly.
"Pure accident", I apologized.
"But a very inspiring accident.", Dora added with a smile. "After all, I haven't done anything like that before."
"Done what?", Emil was puzzled.
"Well, a..." Dora hesitated for a moment, as if looking for the fitting term, and finally continued cautiously: "A titty fuck?"

Emil almost dropped the bottle. For a moment everything went completely quiet. "Even though it seems that's what you guys are really crazy for.", Dora continued with a cheeky smile and dreamily looked towards the TV.
"Do you think we are bad, because we have made this video?", she asked after a moment.
"No, but...", Emil croaked hoarsely.
"Because I don't think you are bad for watching it.", Dora interrupted. "To be honest, I quite had fun watching you watching it."
"You're not mad at me?", Emil asked unbelieving, his eyes wandering uncertainly from her to me.
"Cannot say I am. In your place, I would have watched the tape as well.", I admitted freely.
"I take your word for that.", Dora laughed at me. "Your enthusiasm for the sex magazines was quite obvious."
She looked at Emil inquisitively and asked softly: "Are you really that hot for big breasts."
"Well, I guess I am.", Emil admitted in a small voice and looked down.

A satisfied smile crossed Dora"s face. "Maybe it would indeed be better for us to return to the city tomorrow.", she grinned. "But I am much too excited right now to go back to bed. What do you think about a little game as a farewell?"
"A game?", Emil asked puzzled and raised his eyebrows skeptically.
"Wait and see.", Dora replied with a laugh. "The price is hot."
She turned around on the spot and disappeared with quick strides into the kitchen. We heard her rummage through the cabinets. It didn't doubt for a second that Dora was about to make our bet reality right here and now, and I was eager for her return.

When she did return to the living room after a short moment, she was carrying two high-rimmed, plate-sized ceramic bowls. She placed the bowls closely to each other on the dinner table and proclaimed auspiciously: "I think you will like this game. It's a kind of eating contest."
Bewildered I examined the bowls and to my surprise found them half-filled with plain yoghurt.
Meanwhile Dora had stepped up to the table and without flourish slipped out of her nightgown. She braced her arms against the table and made her plump breasts swing right above the ceramic bowls.

"The rules are very easy.", she continued seductively and lowered her torso even more. The ample jugs dangled only centimeters above the yoghurt. "Whoever finishes first gets to keep the video."
"But of course if you don't want some melons yoghurt...", she added with a suggestive grin.
"We do. We do!", we blurted out.
"Well then. On your marks.", Dora commanded in a pleased voice and leaned forward just enough so that her nipples dropped into the cool creamy liquid. With quick nimble motions she made her ample milk cans circle above the bowls. The hard teats plowed tantalizingly through the thick liquid and when she rose again, her nipples were covered with a thin, hand-sized film. She gave us a few moments to take an extensive look at her sexy devices and finally continued: "Get set."

This time she lowered her slender torso down to the surface and plunged her full breasts deep into the ceramic bowls. Her massive tits filled the large bowls almost completely and the yoghurt spilled over with a big splash. Carefully she bobbed her chest up and down. Her gigantic bosom was lathered with the creamy liquid, and when Dora went upright again, her massive jugs were covered over and over with yoghurt. The thick white juice ran in broad streams over her protruding curves and slowly dripped from the breasts onto to table.

"Go!", Dora breathed. Even before the sound had faded, we fell upon her and started hastily to lick the sweet yoghurt from her heavy breasts. The voracious appetite with which we attacked her gloriously decorated boobs seemed to overwhelm her completely. She leaned backwards in relish, raised her breathtaking breasts towards us and didn't leave a doubt how much she enjoyed being pleasured by two men at once. Intoxicated by her passionate devotion we went even more greedily for her sexy tits, rubbed our cheeks lecherously on Dora's huge melons, slurped smackingly on her ample breasts. Soon we had finished off the last traces of yoghurt and paused to take a breath.

Surprised, Dora opened her eyes. Her nipples had turned erect and hard and goosebumps of excitement had formed on her slender arms.
She leaned back, pushed her full boobs impatiently towards us and gasped with a trembling voice: "Go on. Go on. Suck me. Lick my breasts." There was no stopping now. As if by command we fell again upon the monstrous tits and started to bite and nibble on her hard suckers. Overwhelmed, Dora reared up, grabbed our heads and pressed them firmly into her full boobs. Ecstatic we cuddled into her heaving bosom, touched the hard nipples with our tongues and snatched greedily for these fat teats.

Lustfully Dora wiggled under our boisterous treatment and slid deeper into sheer ecstacy. Moaning heavily she loosened her grip and directed our hungry mouths with soft pressure towards her sensitive buds.
Completely without restraint we took the hard nips between our lips and continued fervently to suckle on her wet udders. Dora went overboard. Her whole body was shaking and I heard her pant breathlessly. "Oh god! Don't stop. I'm coming." Before she had finished the sentence, she winced. Her body convulsed and she was swept away by the first wave of an unparalleled orgasm.

The unexpected fierceness of her eruption and the fact that Dora had climaxed from the mere caress of her gigantic breasts almost made me lose my mind. Gasping and panting we continued to suck on her full breasts and with tender bites and soft kisses we send more and more waves of pleasure through her body, until she fell back on the table, completely spend.

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Part 13: Developements

The rest of the summer passed in a much less spectacular way. Dora had taken on an au-pair job to improve her French language skills. Her absence stretched over the span of six weeks and with a heavy heart we had to say good-bye.
I missed Dora from the very first day, and though we wrote a ton of letters and called regularly, the wait for her return seem to take forever and a half.

The last Sunday of August was the happy day. Impatient I had arrived at the station much too early and stood waiting on the platform until finally the train from Paris turned in. It was cold and rainy and my knees were shaking in anticipation as I scanned the crowd for Dora. Suddenly, like appearing out of thin air, she stood before me. I took her into my arms and held her tight, taking in her sweet perfume, reveling in the closeness that I had been missing for oh so long. Her hair had gotten a little lighter in the summer sun and I could feel she had gained a little padding to her hips. Her body felt fantastic. I pulled her close and snuggled in to her feminine curves.

"Great you're here.", I whispered and kissed her tenderly.
"Great to be back.", Dora replied and beamed from one ear to the other.
"Your place or mine?", I asked with a wink and relieved her of her heavy backpack.
Dora answered: "First, I want to go home. I have a surprise for you."
With cheerful banter we took the tram and Dora told me eagerly about last weeks' events. Now that she was with me again, time seemed to fly. Before we could blink we arrived at Dora's parents.

Everyone was so happy to have her back home. To celebrate the day almost her whole family was present and she was welcomed with great cheer. Of course I would have rather been alone with Dora now, but the heart-felt reception put me in a conciliatory mood. I sat her bags down in the hall and put my wet jacket up for drying. Everyone talked at once. Dora had to answer a ton of questions at the same time, and hugs and kisses were exchanged as if she had been away for years. When she finally had finished the tour of everyone present and removed her raincoat, I just couldn't believe my eyes. Not only had Dora become curvier in the hips, but most notably she had increased massively in the upper regions. Her already very pronounced bosom had grown a fair amount, and my first estimation was that the size of her breasts had increased by a good third.

Dora's father also had noticed that changes and teased her cheerfully: "So Belle France send back more than we gave her. Hurray for French cuisine!" Dora rolled her eyes in feigned indignation and punched him playfully in the side. We all moved to the dining room and sat down at the large round table.
Dinner was lovingly prepared, but sorely tried my patience. Impatiently I eyed Dora and took furtive glances at her bombastic knockers, always careful not to stare too openly at her swelling curves in front of her parents. Dora's overdeveloped bosom had made me horny from the very beginning and the sizable gain of her enormous bust size made my head spin.

After the dinner she finally slipped out of her sweater as well and my eyes popped from my head. My first estimation had erred on the cautious side. Dora's chest circumference had swelled to extraordinary proportions that defied any description. Her fat tits didn't have enough room in her skimpy t-shirt and stretched the tight top so much that the thin fabric was close to tearing. Moreover her massive breasts spilled unmissable from the skin-tight cups and didn't leave any doubt that her bra was now a number of sizes too small. Stunned and speechless I stared at these mountainous mammaries. The sight of these gargantuan boobs excited me so much that I got extremely hot and I just couldn't keep my eyes from Dora's full fantastic funbags.

The hours passed, and I would have given anything to spend the rest of the night alone with Dora. To my great frustration, Dora's cousins announced they were staying overnight and Dora had to share her room. So with a heavy heart I finally took my leave.
Dora accompanied me to the door and we arranged to meet next morning. "We'll leave the surprise for tomorrow.", she whispered auspiciously and kissed me good-bye tenderly. I could find no rest this night. I kept lying awake, dreaming about Dora's breasts and trying to imagine what kind of surprise she had in store for me.

"You're on the pill?", I asked in real surprise when Dora finally told me her little secret the next day. We were sitting in the garden of a small coffee shop. Even with the slight cloud cover it was astonishingly warm and it seemed that together with Dora, summer had returned to the city.
"For almost two months now.", Dora replied. "I started taking them shortly before I left, because I wanted to see if they agreed with me at all."
"And?", I asked curious.
"Everything in the green.", Dora beamed. "Barring the side effects."
"Side effects?", I said duplicitously, already guessing the answer.
"Well, it isn't only all the French food responsible for all this.", she replied and nodded at her stupendous bosom. "The pill is also to blame for it. No idea what kind of hormones are in there, but I actually felt my breasts swelling from day to day. In the first weeks I had the impression I could watch them grow under my eyes."

"Are you worried about that?", I asked sympathetically.
"Not really.", Dora replied. "The only worrying thing is that none of my bras fit anymore. I can't even close most of them correctly. That's why I would like to start with shopping today. Do you want to join me?"

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Part 14: A big haul

I agreed eagerly and soon we were on our way to the town center. Dora had since removed her jacket and walked next to me, chattering happily. The fascinating sight of Dora's spectacular naturals wobbling enticingly with every step under her tight top made my blood boil. On top of that the outlines of her much-too-small bra glinted tellingly through the thin fabric and left no doubt that even those generously tailored cups were no longer capable of containing her vast bosom.

It shouldn't surprise anyone that Dora's imposing bust inevitably drew the eyes of other males. Most of the passers-by who went our way automatically slowed down their pace and some even paused to get an as good as possible look at Dora's heavyweight champions.
For a short moment I was quite annoyed and the men who too openly stared into Dora's deep cleavage I countered with angry looks. But soon I had to admit that I in their place would have acted in just the same way and privately I started to enjoy the situation.

After a while we reached the main street. Knowing her target, Dora guided me to a clothing shop that boasted a better than usual selection of lingerie. We ambled through the aisles and examined the different types. Unfortunately it turned out that it wasn't that easy to find underwear in the proper size, but after a more thorough search Dora at least found three bras for closer inspection. I accompanied her to the fitting booths and pulled the curtains open. Dora slid in and started to change. Now at noon the store was almost empty. The saleslady stood drowsily at her register and looked out of the window, utterly bored. The opportunity was too good to pass and in an unobserved moment I followed Dora into the cabin.

I entered just in the right moment. Dora had already gotten rid of her blouse and was just about to open the hooks of her bra. Stunned I looked directly at Dora's fantastic bust. Her voluminous breasts were even bigger than I had imagined. Dora's gigantic bosom had grown to a point where it clearly overwhelmed her usual bra size. Her monstrously fat tits had massively swollen and pushed forcefully out of her much-too-small cups. Suddenly the memory of the incident with the dryer crossed my mind and I couldn't believe this bra had fit her just a few months ago.

When she finally slipped out of her tight bra, the true magnitude of this unexpected growth spurt became obvious. Freed from their confining cage, those gigantic juggernauts entered free fall and dangled impressively before me in the narrow booth. The unparalleled dimensions of these luscious milktanks surpassed all my expectations and for a short moment I even forgot to breath. All thoughts of restraint left me. Completely overwhelmed I kneeled down in front of Dora and touched her naked breasts lewdly with my hands. Her tremendous boobs had not only gotten full and swollen, they had gotten noticeably heavier. Exited I embraced the voluminous udders and made the gigantic mams bob on my palms. I couldn't get enough of the fascinating sight of these sexy swinging hooters. Full of enthusiasm I attacked the enormous tits and started lustily to knead and maul these overripe melons.

For a time Dora let me do as I liked. Finally, to my great regret, she stood her ground and withdrew from my passionate treatments. "You have to be patient for a little while.", she whispered affectionately. "But I really do need the new underwear."
Without waiting for an answer she turned aside and fished for the first model. She turned the bra around, wrapped it with nimble fingers around her waist and closed the hooks over her belly.
With a practiced move she turned the bra into the correct position and slipped through the broad shoulder straps. Mesmerized I watched as she sank her full funbags into the voluminous cups and patiently tried to stow her oversized breasts into the lace-rimmed fabric. The exercise proved to be futile.

The bra was obviously too small for Dora's mega-globes and threatened to burst at the seams under the load of her curvaceous cans.
Resigned Dora scrutinized her mirrored image and whispered: "Hopeless. And if this one doesn't fit, it's no use to try the others."
"What size is this one?", I asked curious.
"G-cup.", Dora sighed. "And even in 75F it was difficult enough to find pretty underwear."
The mere thought that even a bra in the category wasn't enough anymore to even rudimentally contain Dora's massive melons wrecked my poor brain. "Perhaps you should at least try the others?", I suggested zealously. "Perhaps they have a different cut."

"The cut cannot be different enough to take on my things." Dora disagreed. "I do fear we have to try our luck elsewhere."
"I do fear this might be difficult right now.", I replied softly and pointed to the telling bulge in my trousers. "For now we have to stay in this booth."
"My poor darling.", Dora whispered teasingly. "So much you were longing for me?"
"Hey, I have been longing for full six weeks now.", I replied quietly and closed up to Dora.
"Then I cannot dare to make you wait any longer.", Dora purred and put her hand with soft pressure between my legs. There was no way of stopping now. Without a further word I took her by the shoulders, turned her around and pulled her shirt up over her full butt cheeks. Quickly I unbuttoned my jeans, pushed her slip aside and directed my hard piston into her dripping wet hole. Under soft moans Dora submitted to my prodding push. She leaned forward slightly and braced herself against the walls of the cabin.

The view I got from this position was totally awesome. Thanks to the mirrored walls, I could not only take an intense look at Dora's respectable cleavage, but also at the same time observe her gorgeous udders from the side. Spellbound I saw her heavy melons bob in their undersized cups. The overly tight bra wasn't able to contain the wobbling mass. Soft white flesh spilled out from the top and the sides.
Lustfully I put my hands under the broad underwire and pulled the bra with a hefty yank over Dora's enormous tits. Instantly the ponderous saggers pushed into the air and jumped wildly in front of the mirrors. Intoxicated by this enticing boob-panorama I started to thrust faster. The long weeks of abstinence and the titillating touch of skin on skin brought my juices to boiling point very quickly. Before I even knew it, I unloaded with such a vehemence that in the heat of the action I almost lost my balance. Ecstatic, Dora let out a loud moan. It had been the first time I had cum inside her and the intensity of my climax send soft shudders over Dora's backside.

We kept fingering each other for a while, but finally reason prevailed. We didn't want to push our luck for too long, fixed our outfits, slipped from the cabin one after the other and left the shop leaving behind the bored salesgirl who never knew what a show she had missed.

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Part 15: Expertise

"So what's the plan now?", I asked curious as we stepped back into the street after this erotic interlude.
"I refuse to admit defeat.", Dora responded. "I know of another boutique. I hadn't thought about going there, because it is a shop for oversized women, but I fear I have to accept the label for myself now."
"Well, I don't think you are oversized.", I replied, trying to raise her morale.
"Not me directly.", Dora laughed. "But my boobs are now definitely aspiring to that designation."

There was nothing to add to that, and so we continued our little shopping tour. With determination, Dora led me through the labyrinth of small alleyways and after several minutes stopped in front of an undetermined business premise. There wasn't much too be seen from the outside. The display window was empty and apparently freshly painted. Nothing else indicated that this little shop would be a lingerie boutique.

"Are you sure we're in the right place?", I asked skeptically. "Looks like they're renovating."
"It's the right address.", Dora gave back, suddenly uncertain. She peered through the glass door into the dark shop. "Look, there's a sign. Special ladies' wear. Andrea. Back soon."
"Who knows how long this has been up.", I pointed out. "Do you really want to wait?"
"I don't know. I really need that new bra. But...". Undecided we stepped back onto the sidewalk and were just about to leave when a dark-haired young woman, only a few years older than us, came around the corner. She was carrying a large moving box and smiled at us over the rim of the carton.

"Hi. I'm Andrea. Are you looking for me?", she asked with contagious cheerfulness. "Sorry you had to wait. I only just took over the shop and am still at refurnishing. Can you hold this for a moment?"
I jumped forward and freed her from her unwieldy burden. Andrea thanked me with a smile of relief and took a step back. My heart stopped. Had I even remotely anticipated what kind of buxom beauty was behind the bulky box, I would never have hesitated to wait. Andrea"s blouse was filled to an extent the defied all descriptions. These weren't breasts anymore. These were jumbo-sized double whoppers. To put the crown on it she presented these impressive grenades in such a tantalizing way that her deep revealing neckline would have been enough to give a boner to an antique marble statue. If Andrea was getting her underwear from her own merchandise, we were definitely in the right place and I couldn't resist the thought that these planet-sized hangers were the absolutely best advertisement for her range of goods.

I looked at Dora, who stood there dumbstruck. "Close your mouth." I whispered to her. "You are drooling." She staggered into the shop, trailing Andrea.
Excited, I followed the duo to the inside of the shop and left the box on the floor. The walls of the small showroom were filled with countless hooks, covered seemingly indiscriminately with different items of underwear. With keen interest I checked the various pieces of clothing and soon established that the designation "oversized"was primarily meant for the numerous tops. The women who came here looking for a bra would have to be extremely well endowed. Most cups were so generously made that fully grown cabbages would have fitted in them and on some especially noteworthy models, the wide curving cups would without any problems have covered up ripe watermelons. If all girls who visited this shop were stacked like that, I had without any doubt just discovered boob paradise and I decided on the spot to accompany Dora on all her future visits.

"So, what can I do for you two?", Andrea asked friendly. "I desperately need new underwear.", Dora confessed bluntly.
"Do you know your size?", Andrea questioned her.
"No, sorry.", Dora had to admit.
"Then we should start with taking your measurements before we go looking for a pretty piece for you.", Andrea recommended.
She couldn't have made a more compelling offer from my point of view. The question just how big Dora's bust might be had occupied my mind a number of times now, and since Dora's breasts had grown so enormously, I downright burned to learn how big her circumference was by now.

"Would it be bothering you to undress right here? I still have some reconstructing to do... the booths are too narrow for two of our kind.", Andrea added.
"No problems.", Dora proclaimed eagerly and started without hesitation to unbutton her blouse. "There's nothing he hasn't seen before." Button for button the thin fabric moved to the side and revealed the vista of her ample cleavage. I turned my gaze to the sensational view of her undersized bra. Even at a quick glance there wasn't the slightest doubt that Dora's enormous rack had grown to potentially record breaking dimensions. I still could hardly believe my luck to have such a wonderful big breasted girlfriend.

Even Andrea seemed to be surprised. She raised her brows and commented: "Good for you to have come to me. I guess you really have some catching up to do with your clothes size."
Blushing slightly, Dora slipped from her tight bra and revealed her massive hangers. She lifted the arms slightly until Andrea had wrapped the tape measure around her slender torso. "First we will measure the under bust size.", Andrea explained. Carefully she pushed the tape higher and adjusted it skillfully under Dora's heavy breasts. The tender touch showed effect. With rising lust, I noticed Dora's delicate nipples contracting and imagined detecting a whiff of goosebumps on her arms.

"Something just under 77.", Andrea assessed. "Now for the bust circumference."
This time she placed the tape on the widest part of Dora's torso and reconnected the ends at the level of her nips.
"Bust 108 cm.", she stated appreciatively. "That's really impressive with your slender build. So you would need a 75 J or an 80 I. I would suggest you try out both sizes and then you can decide which one fits best."

I had not expected such an overwhelming result. Enthusiastically I locked these numbers deep in my mind, and with admiration realized that Dora was about to turn into a really sexy big bust starlet.
While the two of them were soon busy searching through the clothing racks for appropriate bras, they seemed to have completely forgotten about me. Graciously I seized the opportunity to ogle the two busty girls to my heart's content. At that I couldn't avoid my eyes turning to Andrea with increasing frequency. After all it didn't happen that often that a woman could measure up to Dora in terms of breast size. And this buxom luxury creature didn't just measure up, but her fat melons dwarfed Dora's imposing frontage effortlessly.

The longer I switched my gaze between the two of them, the more I felt the attraction of this full-figured boob goddess. It was as if these massive melons put me in a hypnotic state that pulled me ever closer. Furtively I followed every move of this gargantuan bosom and used every possible way to get a better look into her open cleavage. I got so obsessed with it that I almost couldn't control my horniness. My pulsating cock was tearing a hole into my trousers and every centimeter of my body cried for relief.

In this precarious situation, I got help from an unexpected side. Andrea had misinterpreted my impatient fidgeting, turned to me sympathetically and said with an apologetic smile: "This is going to take a while. If you want to, you can get yourself a coffee. There's a coffee machine in the office."
Gratefully I accepted her offer and slipped through the curtain to the backroom. The small room seemed to be used as storage, office and also contained a small cooking area. Quickly I filled up the machine with water and coffee and sneaked back to the doorway. I took cover behind the curtain and peeked discretely through the slit. Andrea had leaned forward and was rummaging through a box. Her neckline had slid far down and offered a revealing insight so deep into her cleavage that I couldn't take it any longer. Without averting my eyes from her massive cow-udders, I freed my cock from my pants and started to jerk fervently.

In a minimum of time the passion overpowered me and I released my load straightforwardly into my palm. The whole action had taken less than a minute. Quickly I hastened to the cooking area, washed my hands in the sink and packed in my cock. Only after all traces were cleaned up and I had made sure my clothing was in order, I took a deep breath and calmed down. Now the sexual tension had be released, I felt like an idiot and embarrassed about losing my cool at the mere sight of these gigantic natural breasts.

To justify my long absence, I rattled noisily with the coffee cups, poured a cup and soon returned remorsefully to the showroom.
In the meantime Dora had decided on a model and was just about to try out the bra. Andrea supported her with word and deed. Again and again she turned her view critically over the full cups, controlled the bands and hooks and fingered with the shoulder straps until the bra clung to Dora's perfectly formed curves like a second skin.
"Fits like a glove.", Dora declared beaming with joy and turned towards me expectantly. "What do you say?"
"You look good enough to eat.", I replied in total honesty and gave her an admiring smile.
Satisfied Dora regarded her mirror image and summarily decided to leave the bra on.

"I will always be happy to see you again.", Andrea bade her goodbye, and with a wink she added: "Of course this goes for your companion as well. Perhaps you want to surprise your girlfriend with a few pretty items now that you know her size."

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Part 16: Lost in temptation

Andrea's casual invitation didn't leave my mind during the next days. Again and again I recalled the memory of her buxom appearance and mentally replayed every little detail of our encounter. The mere thought about her incredibly huge natural breasts send shivers of lust over my skin and I had to admit that I was still extremely keen on Andrea.
After all it wasn't daily fare that a woman could keep up with Dora in cup sizes, not even to mention all the other women in her family. After several rounds of mental wrestling, my horniness won over my conscience and I decided to casually stroll by Andrea's boutique.

Filled with anticipation I went on my way downtown and eventually reached the small side alley where the shop of my feverish dreams was located. I paused hesitantly and cast a quick cautious glance inside. The interior was about finished and had changed a lot since my last visit. Andrea had massively reduced the number of clothing racks and had made space for a cozy little relaxation area featuring a small table and a chaise longue, emphasizing the comforting aura of the shop and yet providing the showroom with a more intimate note.

Andrea seemed to be alone. She was wearing a light toned dress with a flared pleated skirt, reminding me of Marylin Monroe in the "Seven year itch" movie. Of course, in Andrea's version, the plain neck straps curved far out, like triangular sails in a storm and the soft fabric highlighted her fat funbags, giving her the appearance of having two full shopping bags suspended from her chest.

Sensationalist I gazed across the clinging top and couldn't get enough of these dangerous grenades. There was no turning back now. Heart beating heavily, I entered the little shop and closed the door behind me.
Andrea recognized me instantly and seemed a little surprised to see me.

"Hi, back so soon? What brings you here?", she asked inquisitively.
"My girlfriend"s birthday is soon, and I would like to surprise her with something neat.", I pretended.
"So what have you been thinking about?", Andrea wanted to know. "Something more to the plain, or rather something sexy?"
"Difficult to decide.", I responded evasively. "Perhaps something in between?"
"Hm, neutral.", she commented with a hint of disappointment. "Then I would recommend this one here." She pointed to a cream colored model with delicate floral ornamentation and plain straps. "These are soft-cups.", she explained. "Very discrete. Or maybe you'd rather like a wired bra?", she went on and bend forward at a finely laced model that was hanging from a peg at the lowest level of the shelf. The weight of her enormous breasts formed a gaping opening in her dress and build up such a magnificent cleavage that my eyes were about to pop.

"I'm not quite sure.", I managed to press through my dry lips. "It can show a little more skin."
"So you did mean 'sexy'.", Andrea assessed cheekily. "We're closing in on our goal." She turned towards a different shelf, reached into a drawer and brought out a small folded piece of cloth.
"I'll show you something that will really accentuate the breasts.", she declared promisingly and carefully started to untangle the delicate bands. She unfolded the artfully tailored thing and held up the bra by its shoulder straps. The finely woven fabric was like gossamer wings and almost completely transparent.
"Now this is a triangle bra with transparent cups.", Andrea explained businesslike. "I even think it is the right size."
"Looks smashing.", I admitted freely.
"It is very comfortable to wear, because the breasts retain their natural form. Great look under a tight t-shirt.", Andrea continued. "Would you like to touch it? The cloth is so soft."

Excited I accepted the bra and fingered the thin fabric. The enticing idea of admiring Dora's sexy knockers in these transparent cups stirred my blood and I didn't even dare to imagine the irresistible effect Andrea's fat perfectly shaped jugs would have in this racy top.
"So what do you say? Shall we put this on the short list, or would you rather like to see a bra that pushes up the bust and gives a nice big cleavage for your girlfriend.", Andrea inquired innocently and continued to browse the racks for further appropriate models.

Even if I had wanted, I was now completely tongue-tied. The sight of her huge melons, swinging tantalizingly with every move in her deep neckline and the sheer innocent way she asked for my reactions to the various lingerie pieces threw me into deep confusion.
"Am I making you nervous?", Andrea enquired cheekily when I still hadn't gotten to a response after a minute. "I think your mind is gone missing." Abruptly she stopped her bustling activities, straightened herself and gave me a curious look.

"It isn't your girlfriend's birthday.", she stated softly and send me a penetrating gaze. She had caught me and I just wanted to shrivel up and disappear with shame. "Well, it is. Will be. Soonish.", I stammered. If I wanted to salvage this awkward situation, there was no other way than rushing headlong forward.
"I really don't know what has come over me.", I blurted out. "It may sound stupid, but since I came here, I couldn't get you out of my head."
"More likely, my big tits couldn't get out of your head.", Andrea replied amused. "But by all means you can look at them if you like. That's what you came for, didn't you?"
"I... but...", I started a stammered explanation.
"Come on." Andrea interrupted. "You think you can fool me? It's clearly written in your face that you have a thing for the stacked type."

"I won't even try to deny this.", I stammered hesitantly."I simply like it if a woman has a little bit of curve."
"A little bit, indeed.", Andrea responded mockingly and pushed out her supersized rack in a challenge. The truly overwhelming size of her enormous dairy domes stood out in this edgy pose and Andrea's whole chest seemed to consist of titflesh. I couldn't brave her provocative gaze.
"You really thought about me a lot, didn't you?", she asked amused.
"Almost all the time.", I admitted grudgingly.
"And what did you do when you were thinking about me?", Andrea probed deeper. I looked bashfully to the ground.

"I'm asking: what did you do when you were thinking about me?", she insisted and looked at me challengingly.
"Jerked off.", I confessed.
"How often?" Andrea wanted to know.
"Once or twice.", I answered evasively. "On some days more often."
"You're laying it on rather thick.", Andrea replied laughing and went to the door with quick steps.
I was expecting her to throw me out now, politely but firmly. But instead she locked the door and leaned back against it.
"Basically I am not opposed to young admirers and a little variety.", she continued with a seductive smile. "And maybe we can strike a deal."
Surprised I looked up at her, without understanding.

"I had already considered you might visit again.", she continued slyly. "Though I am a little disappointed you left your little girlfriend at home this time. I would have loved to get to know her better."
"You want to get to know Dora?", I asked in astonishment.
"Well, talking about variety.", Andrea countered. "I think she looks damned sexy."
"You mean you are into women?", I asked, my hopes sinking.
"You mustn't take such a narrow view.", Andrea chided me. "I just have a thing for sweet young women. Especially when they are build like your girlfriend. And I like sex. In all of its forms, and trust me...", she added with a seductive flutter of her eyelashes, "... a little bit of bi doesn't hurt. Especially in a ménage à trois."
"You want a threesome?", I blurted out enthusiastically.
"If you help me to seduce your cute girlfriend.", Andrea added, full of promise.

These words made the scales fall from my eyes. Apparently, Andrea had been keen on Dora from the very start and the attentive way she had fumbled around with the bra had provided a welcome opportunity to get inconspicuously into skin contact with such a young and outrageously busty girl.
"Could you imagine arranging a meeting?", Andrea probed impatiently.
"I can, of course.", I assured her quickly. "But I don't know how far... I mean, anyway, if Dora..."
"That will be my problem then.", Andrea interrupted me full of self-confidence. "I have a great intuition for these things." She had come forward, moving like a big cat on the prowl, ready to pounce. "Maybe you should better rack your brain how to deal with two girls at once."
"You rise to the occasion.", I replied with a broad grin.

"I noticed something rising.", Andrea remarked facetiously and pointed with her head towards the bulge in my trousers. "Is that anticipation?"
"It's that dress.", I affirmed innocently.
"Well, if it is only the dress, I am reassured.", Andrea piped and closed the heavy curtain that was providing cover from sight or wind to the entry area. "A dress can get undressed." She came closer, took her arms up and untied the knot at her neck. After a few movements of her hands, the wide neck slings came falling down revealing the impressive curvature of her breathtaking frontage.

"I knew you couldn't get enough of me and would do anything to see my huge breasts in all their glory.", she whispered tantalizingly and kept peeling her luscious curves from her dress. The air in the small room seemed to vibrate and when she finally stood before me in nothing but her undies, I felt the floor dropping away under my feet. Frantically I stared at what were by far the biggest natural breasts I had ever seen naked in my whole life. Each cup of her vast bra was so generously dimensioned that my whole head could have disappeared in them... and still they seemed to expand with every breath she took.

Andrea had not taken her eyes from me during all this. She accepted my bewildered admiration with a benevolent smile and inquired casually: "Shall I continue?"
"Absolutely!", I begged her pleadingly and watched enraptured as she pulled the broad straps slowly over her shoulders. Abruptly, she paused.
"First I need to know just how much you are infatuated with my fat tits.", you commanded softly. "Say that you are total maniac for my lewd megatits."
"You cannot imagine how hot I am for you.", I replied breathlessly.
"Word for word! As I told you!", Andrea reprimanded me. Her commanding tone and her insistence on this ribald expression were only strengthening the spell she put on me. Breathlessly I followed her command and courteously fulfilled her request. It might have been the first time that I openly admitted to my marked preference for extreme-sized breasts and the cathartic effect was like a long desired coming-out.

"Now you better pay attention, boy!", Andrea purred contently and released the hooks with practiced motions. "Once I have removed my big bra for you, there will be no space left in your brain for any other thought."
Instantaneously the fabric yielded under the weight and the fat melons came crushing down. Compared to these massive milk wagons, even Dora's respectable dairy queens seemed to fade. The thick protruding juggernauts hung down below her navel and were crisscrossed by a net of wide soft blue veins showing clearly under the light skin. The peak of pleasure was provided by the saucer-sized areolas, shining in a soft pinkish tan, even darker than Dora's and of the enticing elongated oval form that I so much adored on huge thick hanging breasts.

"Welcome to boob heaven, boy.", Andrea breathed and carelessly threw the bra aside. "I hope you are aware that you are now completely at my mercy and to remind you of our little arrangement, I will provide you with an appetizer to what a real tit party will look like."
She made me sit on the couch, pulled the shirt over my head and stood before me with her monstrous full super-saggers dangling right before my fact. No question, Andrea was a real pro at steamy hot titplay. For quite some time she caressed me with her fat nuclear sexbombs to my utter delight. In ever new variations she mashed her oversized hooters into my face, rubbed my cheeks with her plump pumpkins and dropped her whole heavy tit tonnage over my head, covering me completely.

Completely out of my mind I buried my face deep between her full boobs, caressed the soft skin of her fleshy bosom and with rising greed tried to catch the hard nipples. After a while Andrea yielded to my coaxing and offered me the dark hill of her breast with both hands. Lustfully I caught the heavy teat with my lips and started to suck greedily. The incomparable feeling of suckling on udders of this monumental size almost made me come prematurely.

Reluctantly, only to prolong my pleasures, I paused my sucking and instead concentrated on licking the fat crinkled chest berries sitting so dominantly in the cinnamon-colored domes. My furious passion for her sensitive nipples didn't fail to show its exciting effect on Andrea.
"Are you as good with your tongue in another place?", she panted in arousal and lowered herself down to me on the chaise lounge. I was eager to follow her invitation. Quickly I rid Andrea from her panties and obediently dived down between her full thighs.

Slowly and with many kisses I closed in to her fleshy vulva flaps and drew my tongue across her moist cunt. After I had prepared my way with caressing fingers, I carefully felt out her inner sanctum, until the responsive clit rose up to me like a budding flower. Lustfully I licked the sensitive knob and tenderly stimulated her wet clitoris.
Soon my endeavors were crowned with success. Andrea squirmed with delight and grew ever more ecstatic. Moaning she placed her hands on my head and rubbed her wet twat on my lips. Intuitively I increased my tempo and started to additionally massage her slit with my fingers. In no time her juices were flowing freely and her body was caught up in an orgiastic spasm. Fired by her passion I pressed my tongue even harder into her soft mound and pushed my fingers deep into her pulsing sheath. Andrea reared up. A warm shudder coursed through her buxom body and made her full thighs tremble.

By and by the waves ebbed down and Andrea reclined satisfied on the sofa. "That was great.", she sighed with obvious delight. "If you do me this well every time, you can come around more often."
"I take you on your word.", I replied grinning.
"Oh, I would love you to take me, right now, right here.", Andrea revealed impishly and lolled lasciviously on the coach. "But I have my fertile days right now, and that would be too daring."

She straightened herself and added with a seductive wink. "Too sad. I would have loved to see your other hidden talents. To console you I allow you to slobber over my large breasts a little more. I can jack you off, if you like."
There was nothing to add to that. Hastily I opened the buttons of my jeans, dropped them and offered her my fully erect penis. With a lewd look Andrea closed her hand around my dick and started to jerk. Her firm grip and quick moves soon produced the first drops of cum. Instantaneously Andrea leaned forward, put her lips over my hot rod and made her tongue dance around my salty head. She soon let go with a smack and distributed a generous amount of saliva around my firm shaft, while pushing her arm under her udder and directing my glistening full helmet to stimulate her hard nipple.

"Do you like touching my big fat hanging milkers with your dick?", she asked in a husky voice.
"You bet.", I replied hastily.
"You can put it between my tits.", she encouraged me softly. "I like having a man's best part rubbing on my breasts." Thus she leaned forward and invitingly pressed her fantastic funbags together with her hands.
"What are you waiting for.", she breathed. "Show me that you are a real titman and screw my big fucking boobs."

Trembling with excitement I came closer and sank my erect penis step by step into her inviting cleavage. The intense foreplay had made me so randy that I could feel my hot juices rising only after a few centimeters. I had to pause. Breathless, I kept my position and tried to keep my cool.
"Come on. Fuck me. Do my hot tit-slit.", Andrea panted lewdly and looks at me expectantly. Of course she had noticed that I wasn't able to hold back for much longer, and her dirty talk did the rest.

"It's so horny already.", I managed to moan. "I think I'll come with the slightest movement."
"Then get on with it and shower my tits with your hot cum!", Andrea commanded me breathlessly.
She wrapped my full cock completely with her tits, covering the sizable manhood between her ripe funbags. In an instant all the dammed-up pressure of the afternoon was released and I came with such a vehemence that Andrea was taken aback for a second. The hot cum spewed from me, in unending fountains and completely caked her voluminous jubblie jugs with sticky white liquid.

"Oh, that's so hot. Cum on my fat udders, you randy boy. Cover my tanks with your juice.", she urged me on and pressed her heavy fucktits lewdly towards me. Still I was cumming, jerking my hard pulsating dick until the last drop was spend.
"Great goodness. I'm showered in cum.", Andrea laughed and started to rub the precious fluid into her massive breasts. "Are you always shooting loads that big?"
"I'm aspiring to.", I promised her with a grin.
"I'll bet you do.", Andrea replied smiling. "Especially if you remember our arrangement."
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So that was the last part of the original story. Everything that follows is my own poor attempt to keep this epic tale going... and I readily admit that I am not as good as it as the original author. Still, I am trying.

Feedback would be very welcome, and if you have any ideas or suggestions what other kind of shennenigans Dora and her boyfriend could get into, I would be glad to consider them for further stories.

Re: Dora - a love story
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Part 17: Thus conscience does make cowards of us all...

When I was walking back home this night, I was like floating high up between the clouds. Not from love, no, by no means, but from sheer animal lust. Andrea was a true boobmonster. Her spectacular mountains of flesh had overwhelmed me, turned me into a slave without a will of my own. No, this wasn't an acceptable excuse: I had been more than willing. Certainly I had not been the first and wouldn't be the last man to lose himself in her incredibly buxom body.

But already on the next morning I came crashing down. What on earth had I been thinking? This, of course, was a stupid question and I knew the correct answer: I hadn't thought at all. No, again I had to correct myself: I hadn't been thinking with my head, but with my loins.
I felt dreadful. My guilty conscience was gnawing on my peace of mind. And still, I couldn't forget the sensation of blowing my seed between Andrea's oversized hanging breasts.

I was confused. On the one hand I had had hot steamy boob-sex with an extremely randy and experienced woman and I had played to my heart's delight with the biggest tits that I had ever been faced with. A great deal bigger than Dora's enormous bust. But on the other hand I had in Dora a sweet, cute and loving girlfriend, whom I sincerely loved back. With an enormous bust. The thought of doing these two big-breasted girls at the same time was arousing me with a terrifying power.
But I didn't want to hurt Dora. Had Andrea judged her correctly? Did I know her well enough to guess her reaction at being faced with an obvious competitor? She had confessed her doubts to me, her fears that the impressions her big breasts had on others were rather repellent. It had been me who had encouraged her and assured her that her extraordinary body was a blessing, not a curse. What kind of effect would it have on her, if I now started to favor a woman with even bigger boobs?

I had already broken her trust when I had fallen for the siren call of Andrea's monstrous udders. Could I now draw Dora deeper into my lewd fantasies? Should I?
And I had to admit that I was a little scared of Andrea. She had been so demanding, so domineering and so completely without any inhibitions. Dora also had frightened me a bit, back then, when she had come to accept her ample body and her sexuality, and had eagerly swooped on new and exotic experiences. But that was something different. There was a relationship between Dora and me, a deep bonding that may now have come to a turning point.

Of course Dora had made a lot of unforeseen experiences in the last year, and hadn't shown herself as prudish or reluctant. I thought about our little games with Uncle Emil, and how randy Dora had been when we both had gone crazy on her gigantic tits.
My thinking process switched gears back from brain to balls as soon as I imagined Dora's big yoghurt covered boobs. What would Uncle Emil say about the new and improved Dora? What would the now excessively stacked Dora do to Uncle Emil? What might Dora and Andrea do to Uncle Emil and me?

I tried to push these thoughts away and came to a decision. Dora deserved my full and exclusive devotion.
In the next days, I tried not to let anything of my inner turmoil show and if Dora noticed anything, she didn't give me any clue. We took up our relationship where we had left it off before her excursion to France. We met regularly, sauntered through the park, went to the cinema or to the pool.
I was quite proud when the other males, from young boys to grizzled old men stared unbelieving at my girlfriend's hefty hooters that she presented in a much-too-small bikini to the astonished audience. Dora herself clearly had a lot of fun with the stares. She tugged and lugged on the tiny pieces of fabric, to show off her glorious globes of delight in the best possible way, but without breaking the limits of propriety. She was visible pleased with the results, but still she had to admit: "The bikini is too small now as well, of course I should have thought of that. I'll go round Andrea's again tomorrow and buy something nice and new. You'll join in?"

Now this was going to be embarrassing. I just couldn't broach the subject of Andrea's proposal with Dora and I couldn't let Andrea catch sight of me again before I had talked with Dora. I tried to weasel out of this situation.
"I have promised a friend to help him out tomorrow. Most likely it will take the whole day. Sorry.", I replied.
"So?", Dora replied perplexed. "I wouldn't have thought you should pass such an opportunity. Ok, I'll call you in the evening, and then I'll present you with the studd I'll have bought for my darlings." She shook her massive breasts, destroying the carefully constructed arrangement of cloth. A rosy nipple peeked out and I came to almost rue my evasive action.

On the next day I called a friend from school, who was rather surprised when I got him to mow the lawn in his parent's large garden with me. But that was something I had to do. If I had to lie to Dora, I ought to get a just punishment for it. Late in the evening I returned home. Dora had not called. Dora did not call. My guilty conscience flared up again. Had Andrea told her everything? Had my escapade destroyed my relationship with a great girl? I didn't dare to call her back. But on the next day, she still didn't call. A day passed, then a second.

I couldn't take it any longer. Damn the torpedoes, full speed ahead, I told myself. Complete honesty was all that could save me now. I called her and tried to sound like always. She was rather brief, but agreed to see me this afternoon. I knew, I was so deep in the doo-doo. I had to make the best of a bad job if I wanted to salvage at least my friendship. I got a bottle of wine and bought some roses.

When I stood before her door, my knees were trembling more than on our first date. She bade me come in, but couldn't look me in the eyes.
"Dora, I...", I started, but she interrupted me quickly.
"I have to tell you something.", she said "I cannot keep it any longer. I was at Andrea's the other day, to buy the new bikini."

I couldn't breathe. That was it. She knew.
"But not just that. You know, from the first time we met her, I... I thought she was brilliant. And now... we talked and had a drink and... then... oh, bugger! We had sex."
"What?", I yelped. My jaw dropped. "You had sex... with Andrea?", I stuttered at this new twist.
"First time I set eyes on her, I was fascinated by her breasts. Don't tell me you haven't noticed her monstertits.", she confessed and fell silent.
"I'm sorry.", she started again after a second. "Don't be angry."
My heart skipped a beat. Andrea, that bitch! But now it was up to me to do my part. I took Dora into my arms and hugged her tenderly.
"Dora, I cannot be angry with you. I have been in Andrea's store about a week after our first visit. She does indeed have a remarkable bosom. And I had sex with her."
She pushed me back. "You... what? You had... with her? MAN!", she shouted, but then started to giggle.
"She does have irresistibly thick tits, does she not?" She lifted her own monstrous frontage. "Do you think I will ever get that big?"
I placed my hand over hers on her full boobs: "In my eyes, you are perfect. Although..."
"Although what?", she gave back.
"Although bigger would still be nice.", I replied cheekily.

She laughed and kissed me full on the mouth. Our troubles were gone. Soon we were hard at smooching, laughing, cuddling, chuckling and kissing. I finally managed to tell her about Andrea's proposal of a threesome. Every single touch, every move after that revelation was commented with a joking "Did you do that with Andrea as well?" When we finally landed on the bed, stark naked and I entered her gently, I whispered into her ear: "This I didn't do with Andrea."
She looked deep into my eyes and answered: "And you will never do... unless I am with you."

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Part 18: Threesome minus one

I woke up with her hair tickling my nose. My face was buried in her scalp, her head hidden in the crook of my neck. Her body felt fantastic, so closely nestled next to mine. I felt her softly breathing in her **82** and her bosom pressing into my breast with every breath. I started to softly stroke her nipples and was soon rewarded with the big pert knobs rising.
Dora woke up slowly, raised her head and greeted me with a content smile. "Good morning. What you're doing?"
"Waking you.", I replied with a laugh. "I thought this would be a better way than blowing in your ear."
"Absolutely.", she purred. "But still, we better get dressed bevor my parents get in. They don't know you're here."
I had a very good relationship with Dora's parents, almost better than with my own, but you don't have to force the parents to acknowledge that you are fucking their little daughter. Especially fathers have been known to have a rather strange attitude towards that.
The house was still asleep. We darted into the bathroom and took a quick, chaste shower. Dora's parents were a little surprised to find me at the breakfast table, but they didn't make any remarks and we enjoyed a cheerful and happy Saturday morning breakfast.

Just before noon, we went into town. Without needing a big discussion, we had agreed on a new rule in our relationship: neither of us would go to Andrea again without the other knowing.
We were filled with elation. The tensions between us had vanished. Our love felt as strong as on the first day. And of course there was the eager anticipation of a joint encounter with Andrea. Dora had dressed up for the occasion. She was wearing one of her new bras under a blouse with a very low neckline, showing of her massive rack perfectly. She didn't have to fear any rival, none at all.
When we entered Andrea's shop, she greeted us warmly, but also a little mockingly. "Hello my friends. Nice to see you both again." She embraced Dora and kissed her in a more than friendly way. Then she took a step back, looked at me up and down with an icy gaze and said coldly: "You are a coward."
With an evil grin she turned to Dora: "He deserves punishment, don't you think?"
Dora grinned back devilishly: "What do you have in mind? What shall we do with him?"
"Nothing." Andrea put the "Out for dinner" sign in the window, shut the main door and closed the curtain. "We will do absolutely nothing with him. Let's see how he likes that!"

Bevor I could say anything, she pushed me down into a large chair and said with determination: "You will not move. You will not speak. One wrong sound, one touch in the wrong place, and you are out on the street. Understood?"
I nodded. What else could I have done?
Without another word to me, Andrea turned back to Dora and kissed her full on the mouth. Dora glanced at me for a second, but then surrendered to Andrea's caresses. Soon her hands started to wander. It was obvious that she couldn't keep her fingers from Andrea's big boobs. She appeared to have found the joy in someone else's fat tits as quickly as she had accepted her own full funbags.

Andrea was wearing a tight orange colored blouse with a deep V-neck and Dora leaned forward greedily to bury her head in Andrea's cleavage. She seemed to have completely forgotten my presence. Andrea however looked over Dora's head directly at me and her eyes seemed to say: "Look closely at what you are missing out."
Now she reached with both hands down to Dora's breasts and without effort took the fat things out of the bra cups. Then she let the big boobs dangle freely over the shirt and started to open her own top. Dora returned the previous favor and dragged the older girl's ample udders from their bra coverage. She grabbed the left fat tit with both hands and sucked heavily on the erect teat.

Andrea continued to get rid of Dora's clothes. First she heaved the wobbling breast aside to unbutton the shirt. Every movement, every touch send waves through the taut, soft, white boobflesh. Dora started to moan softly. The shirt fell. Andrea's hands moved around Dora's back, to open the hooks on the broad backstrap of her bra. The new piece with the huge cups joined the blouse on the floor. Now Dora was topless. The whole time she had continue to play with Andrea's voluminous hangers and her raised arms allowed a fantastic side view on her own massive round breasts.

Andrea pushed her away, softly but firmly. "Take of the rest, little cow.", she breathed, patting Dora's enormous udder. Dora mumbled something in return, that might have been agreement or perhaps unwillingness to let go of the tit playthings in front of her.  Whatever it was, she stepped back and leaned forward to get rid of first her shoes, then her skirt and panties. Her tits swung in front of her knees.
Andrea also continued to undress. Her screaming-orange blouse and the gigantic black bra joined the growing heap of clothes, followed by her tiny shorts, socks and briefs. Both girls were now completely nude.

"Turn around.", Andrea asked, and Dora took a spin. Her heavy bosom followed her movements with a slight delay. "Well, if that isn't a pretty sight."
Andrea turned Dora so that she faced me, then positioned herself next to her in a similar pose.
"Too bad there is no one else her to enjoy it.", she teased.

I kept my mouth shut and enjoyed. The pair posed and presented her naked bodies. I couldn't but compare the two buxom beauties.
Dora was rather slight in build, very slight in fact. This only emphasized her massive breasts, dangling proud and full on her narrow chest like a pair of overripe pears. The recent growth spurt had not only increased their size, but also the weight considerably and they hung and swung even more than before. Dora's slim belly, her narrow hips and her long slender legs made her appear taller, even though she was almost half a head shorter than me. She was a sprite, an elf with gigantic breasts.
Andrea was a completely different type. She was even a bit shorter than Dora, but a good part wider. She wasn't fat, maybe a little chubby. She had her ample curves in all the right places. Elegant full thighs, elegant curved hips, a bit of a tummy and then of course her fat, wide, hanging milk mountains with the large oval areolas. Her nipples seemed to be smaller than Dora's, but maybe it was just in the apparent contrast with the vast area of white skin they were nested in.
With pleasure I would have done a closer comparison, very close, but I didn't dare to move a muscle. Dora was quickly engaging again in her intensive studies of Andrea's gargantuan rack, using her fingers and tongue to explore in depth the hefty hooters. But Andrea was watching me with eagle eyes, constantly testing that I was still following her rules. I spread my hands in a gesture of surrender, even if it was hard not to think of my pulsating cock in my trousers.

Satisfied with my submission, Andrea turned again towards the big-titted teenager who was ardently licking her heavy hangers. She put her hand on Dora's luscious butt and started to massage the firm buttocks. Next her hand went between Dora's thighs and played with the shaved pussy. Dora started to moan and pressed her pelvis closer to Andrea when her older playmate pushed two fingers into the slit.
"You're so wet.", Andrea purred. "Playing the innocent little girl, but in reality you are a horny hussy." She finger-fucked Dora harder.
Dora laughed. "Takes one to know one. Who's the one with her fingers in my hole?" She pressed her body closer to Andrea and their fat tits got pushed into each other. She moved her upper body to rub their hard nipples. Her pelvis was moving in tact with Andrea's fingers. "Yes, that's good.", she sight. She kissed Andrea passionately, then she put her hands on her shoulder and pushed the buxom woman to the couch.

Andrea dropped onto the padded seat and laughed: "Now show me what you can do, little slut." Dora went onto her knees and buried her face between Andrea's ample thighs. Andrea leaned back and started to knead her heavy tits. She lifted the soft mountains of flesh and sucked on her own long nipples. Her boobs seemed big enough to hide all of her face. Dora's own heavy tits were almost hanging to her thighs in this position, swinging rhythmically in front of her flat belly with her every move.
I had a perfect view of this hot lesbian action and my hard dick was throbbing painfully in my pants. Dora was completely engaged with sucking and licking Andrea's innermost parts and Andrea herself had hidden her face in her mountainous tits. I might be able to dare to bring a little relief to my swollen manhood. Slowly I moved my hand towards my crotch, but even this small movement was enough to alarm Andrea. She released her breasts, looked directly at me and drew her finger across her throat in an unmistakable gesture.

Resigned, I lowered my hand. I would come in my pants if this went on. Andrea fell back again with a load moan. Apparently Dora had found a really sensitive spot. Andrea resumed her tit-workout, massaging and kneading the heavy, soft boobs, pulling on her nipples and sighing with bliss under the treatment of my sweet, innocent, unbelievably sexy girlfriend. It didn't take long for her moans to get louder. She seemed to be very close to an orgasm.

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Part 18b: Facing the consequences

This would have been the perfect opportunity to finally release my tension, but I was totally lost in the sight of her mauling her tremendous trembling mammary mountains. The closer she came to climax, the harder she grabbed the soft tit-flesh, smacked the gigantic milktanks together or dropped them onto her wobbling belly. Finally, her buxom body rose up and she came with heavy moans.

And again the opportunity was lost. Dora leaned back, apparently very pleased with the results of her efforts. Andrea sat up and breathing heavily she praised Dora: "Oh, very well done, darling." Her next gaze fell on me, the bulge in my trousers and my hands, still unmoving on the chair's armrests. She smiled with satisfaction.
"Now it's your turn.", she said, but sadly not to me. She pulled Dora up by the hands and sat down next to her on the wide couch. Instead of turning directly towards her, she reached down into her handbag that was placed next to the chaise longue, searched for a moment and then pulled out a black rubber dildo. Dora's eyes grew wide: "That's quite a big one.", she groaned in a mix of anxiety and anticipation.

"Well, the real thing would of course be better, but no one offered themselves for this part.", Andrea responded with a quick look at me. Her dark eyes seemed to add: "And now you can only sit in silence and watch what I will do to your girlfriend."
Now my pride was awakened. I was so hot for those two fat-titted women, that I almost came in my pants. But I would control myself. The action on the couch was only a show. I leaned back and tried to convince my libido that this had nothing to do with me personally. My willpower was put to a hard test.
Andrea had lowered herself next to Dora and pushed the rubber dick into her own dripping cunt. "Exactly the right size, I'd say." Well lubed now, she pulled the dildo out again and rubbed it on Dora's clit.

Dora reclined on the backrest and sight in relish. "Hm, yes, I think it's quite right." With her right arm she supported her heavy tits and started to knead her left breast. The left hand joined the fat black toy on her pussy. When Andrea pushed the thick piece into the cunt, Dora continued to treat her clitoris with her fingers.
Andrea pushed the rubber cock slowly into Dora's wet fanny. The thing was thicker and longer than my own not-too-small penis, and I didn't think Dora ever had something of that size inside her. Her eyes were closed. She was moaning rhythmically and when Andrea pushed the fat dick deeper into her pussy, she released a sigh of pure glee. "Oh, yes, it is so right. Put it in, please, deeper. Put it all in!"
Andrea now fucked her faster. With every thrust she pushed the giant rod deeper into Dora's hungry hole. Almost half of the thick piece disappeared into her cunt, and this proved to be the limit.
"Ok, that's enough. No more. Oh my, this thing is big!" She squeaked lustfully with every new thrust, her tits wobbled fiercely and her fingers dashed over her happy button. With the combined efforts of the two busty beauties it didn't take long until Dora also reached her climax. With a moan and babbling unrecognizable words she slumped down and lay still for a moment.

Andrea licked the juices off the black rubber cock, then she jumped up and declared cheerfully: "Now that was really fun, wasn't it. But now I have to go back to work. So, folks, the show is over. Shoo, shoo, off you go!"
Dora pulled herself up and blinked in surprise. "What, really now?" Andrea gathered Dora's clothes and pushed them into Dora's arms. "You're very welcome next time, sweetie. But for now, I think, you have more important things to do.", she winked at Dora and pointed her head at me.
It took that as a sign of release. I got up and stumbled. For a short moment, everything went black. My blood was used up in another place. "I need air.", I stuttered, unlocked the door and tumbled out. I leaned against the wall and cursed. Stupid, why did I go outside? I couldn't very well jerk off on the street, could I? I took a deep breath and tried to calm down.

A few minutes later Dora joined me. She looked at me in alarm. "You all right? Talk to me!"
"I can't hold it any longer.", I groaned.
"Poor boy." Dora looked around and then pulled me into one of the doorways to the backyard. She opened her blouse. "Come on my tits.", she said, kneeled before me and opened my trousers. That broke the limits of my self-restraint. As soon as her fingers touched my hard cock, I came. My semen poured out in massive bursts, directly into her face. One load after the other landed on her chin, her nose, her brow. She had closed her eyes in surprise of the first batch, and my cum dripped over her cheeks. She jerked me smoothly, and still I was coming. White strings landed in her hair and my man juice ran slowly down her face and dripped on her breasts.
"Pig.", she said curtly, after she had milked the last drop from my dick. With a grin she took a tissue from her pocket and wiped the sticky juice from her face.
"Sorry.", I replied quietly. "I just couldn't stop it."
"Well", she answered with an cheeky grin: "Now you know how to respond the next time a girl invites you to a threesome."
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Re: Dora - a love story
« Reply #24 on: September 23, 2018, 03:43:04 PM »
I'm a little disappointed by the lack of reaction on this forum... both specifically to this story as well as stories in general.

It takes additional work to fit this story to the requirements of the forum, and I don't feel it is worth it.

If there is indeed someone here interested to see how this story continues, send me a PM.



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Re: Dora - a love story
« Reply #25 on: September 23, 2018, 10:30:10 PM »
Well you're facing two problems:

1) This forum receives very little traffic.

2) This forum was never intended for people to publish stories on.  It was intended for people to talk about stories.

You're free to post stories here if you want to.  But you might be better off posting to another site which is meant for posting stories.  Or even post it as episodes on the Addventure, which gets a lot more traffic.

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Re: Dora - a love story
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Well you're facing two problems:

1) This forum receives very little traffic.

2) This forum was never intended for people to publish stories on.  It was intended for people to talk about stories.

You're free to post stories here if you want to.  But you might be better off posting to another site which is meant for posting stories.  Or even post it as episodes on the Addventure, which gets a lot more traffic.
I understand this. I wouldn't mind for people to talk about stories, at all.

The only problem is: Stories? What stories?

I remember the days of old, when Chili Palmer's was still updates. I loved browsing his Story Annex for new tales of tits. I remember several other sites, dedicated to breast fiction. All gone now.

I understand that there is a kind of feedback loop. No stories means no readers, no readers means no incentive for authors to publish stories.

I just hoped... well, that perhaps I some few people found something worthwhile to read here, maybe others might find inspiration. To post things of their own. There are so many talented morphers here on the BEA. I just hoped their might be a few talented authors as well.

Well, let's wait and see what happens.

Re: Dora - a love story
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I remember the days of old, when Chili Palmer's was still updates. I loved browsing his Story Annex for new tales of tits. I remember several other sites, dedicated to breast fiction. All gone now.

I understand that there is a kind of feedback loop. No stories means no readers, no readers means no incentive for authors to publish stories.

I suspect a big issue is that BE-focused writers who are writing complete stories are either posting them on not-necessarily-BE-focused sites that have their own discussion areas (e.g., commenting on DeviantArt posts), or they're posting them on pay sites where the "feedback" comes in the form of money.



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Re: Dora - a love story
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I was enjoying this! But yeah you might get more feedback if you post it on deviantart