Dora - asking for feedback
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I was a little surprised how few Big Breast or Breast Expansion stories were posted here on the forums.... well, basically none at all.

So I took the translation I made of a older german story and posted it to The Plume. I must admit that the resonsance is not overwhelming, to say the least.

So I wonder... do people here read beyond the General Discussion picture posts at all? Is there an interest in stories in general? What do you think of the story I posted? What do you think of my attempt to continue it? Do people want me to try to continue it?

I have found that posting stories here in not the simplest of tasks, given the policies that this forum is subjected to. But I would have thought that a forum for Breast Expansion was a little more into fantasy.

I'm a little ashamed to beg for comments... but even if I am only the translator of the main story, I would like to know if my small efforts are appreciated or not.
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Re: Dora - asking for feedback
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In all fairness, I admit to thinking that "The Plume" was just for talking about the ADDventure. As a result, I stopped going there.

Looks like I may have to stick my nose in every so often.

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Re: Dora - asking for feedback
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I thought the same thing... I couldn't find a way to post a story here and I though the ADDventure subforum was just for that author, so I decided to just go out on my own and self publish.

Re: Dora - asking for feedback
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It is rather easy to post a story here... and it isn't.

It's easy, because all you have to do is make a new thread and post your text. I asked a mod if stories were welcome and where to post it, he told me to use "The Plume" and, well, I posted it.

But, yes, there are hurdles to overcome, and I dare say that these may be the reasons why there are no stories posted here at all.

The censorship that this forum is subjected to is harsh and not very logical. You can read in the "rules" tab about terms that are not allowed to be mentioned here... and they have their justification. But these are not all the terms that get censored. Every slight hint at something that may, in any way, imply at the slightest something non-consensual gets censored. Without considering the context, just by sheer brute word search.

That makes it extremely annoying to post a story, and then go through it to look for all the terms that the automatic censorship system thinks are inappropriate... and then reformulate your text. If that is possible.

I think that this is one of the reasons why no one posts stories here. The emphasis on the ADDventure might be another. The fact that no stories are posted, thus no one is looking for any, thus if any IS posted it simply gets ignored... this might be third reason.

I have added another chapter to the "Dora" story... let's see if it gets any resonance. I cannot do more than explicitly ASK people for feedback, comments, suggestions, praise or criticism. If people are **86** to post a simple acknowledgement of your efforts, it is rather depressing for an author... even if you are only an amateur.

I hope you have more success with your books on Amazon, JJ. I really like your style, but I prefer the more natural big breast scenarioes over the BE stories.

[ETA: Hey, look, there it is, the automatic censoring! You cannot talk about people being un.willing. Even when it refers to their reluctance to post a comment. Isn't that great?]
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Re: Dora - asking for feedback
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Good luck with you as well. Getting feedback is tough, don't let it get you down if you don't get enough of it (or any at all). I have maybe 2 or 3 people who have responded to the threads I have posted on this and another forum. I just keep going.

Thank you for the very valuable feedback.



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Re: Dora - asking for feedback
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Hi DerGerch,

I came across your Dora story in The Plume maybe last week and this thread a couple days ago. Just wanted to write to say thank you for posting the story.

I think your translation is great (without having read the original of course). Every translator will leave their own mark, but your writing style is different enough in the last chapters that I can't imagine you forced your own hand on the original story too much.
I like both writing styles, although - and I don't mean this in a bad way - your writing seems to be a bit more... crass than the original authors?  I'm not sure if that is quiet the right phrase, but I mean that you seems to use slang more frequently when describing things in the story. That may also just be a product of translating that original story (ie. slang may not carry over between the languages).

The story itself is good, although for my own tastes I prefer more of a focus on BE. The "Developments" chapter was by far the most appealing to me. I found myself skimming some of the other chapters to see if Dora was going to get bigger, but the writing was good enough that it kept my interest when I likely would have stopped reading other stories that were not hitting enough high notes for me. So, it's a great Big-Boob story, but not really what I personally would look for in terms of Breast Expansion.

I do think it's great that you're trying to get some original content onto the forum. There were threads on The Plume that I used to follow closely in past years, but recently I have also thought that it just turned into more of a spot to announce updates for the Addventure (which I've never gotten into myself). I know there are other like-minded forums where people do post stories - I always enjoy them, so I find it a bit disappointing that we have a subforum to discuss stories, but no stories on the forum to discuss.
Of course, people like me are part of the problem, since I am a long time lurker and very seldom poster. I agree with your thoughts about the feedback loop though - more people posting gets more response which gets more people posting. I've always wanted to / wished others posted stories in The Plume but kind of got the impression that others didn't really like it when it did happen. I am more inspired to try it myself now that I've seen you do it, although I understand your issues with post size and accidental censoring.

Anyway, that's a long way of saying thank you, I enjoyed your story, appreciate your efforts to get well-made original content on the forum, and will keep my eye out for more. Hopefully I can pay you back by finding the time to contribute myself more often!

Re: Dora - asking for feedback
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Thank you for your comment, UberBoober. Even if most of this story is not mine, feedback is extremely important for an author... even if it is just a simple "liked it". It tells me if it is even worth the effort, both of going through the work of translation the original text, as well as writing new chapters.

Writing style: yes, my style is different. I am not good enough of an author to copy another ones style. I just hope that I keep the flair of the original story, and don't deviate too much from the character of the protagonists. Still, people grow and change.  ;)

More "crass": I felt that the tone of the original story was already changing with the encounter with Andrea. I would have loved to see what the original author had meant for her and our heroes... but I hope my version is acceptable.

More "slang": maybe? I don't know... tone is often quite difficult to hit in a foreign language. Could you give some examples?

Taste and BE: well, yes, de gustibus non disputandum.  ;) Personally, I prefer natural breasts, and while I don't have an upper size limit, natural breasts tend to grow slower and not quite as big. I am glad that you still like the story.

There are further chapters, though I don't think I will post them here. Too much effort to adapt them to the limitations of this forum, and as it seems not enough interest.
If you are interested, send me a PM and I will give you the link.

Yes, Dora is getting bigger... even if she won't be in your prefered size class, if your own story is a guideline for that. :)

Re: Dora - asking for feedback
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I haven't finished reading it yet but so far I like the very descriptive and visceral style. A great effort has been made to describe in detail each passionate moment between the two.