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Story - The CompeTITion
« on: October 22, 2018, 03:53:25 AM »
Hi all -
I'm going to try posting some stories and see how it goes. I have a bunch that I've started over the years (hand written for the most part unfortunately - I'm a fricken' Luddite - I know) but none that I've finished (where do you end a BE story....?) so please bear with me. 
If you want to comment here please feel free, but I will also try to start a feedback thread in that subforum as hopefully I will post more.
From the looks of things my BE tastes are more on the extreme side - hopefully some of you will enjoy.
I just read through the forum rules again and I think this should all be fine, but if not, please let me know!
Thank you all and here we go:



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Re: Story - The CompeTITion
« Reply #1 on: October 22, 2018, 04:29:33 AM »
Part 1:
Xavier paced worriedly in front of the convention center on the opening day of the competition. Registration was almost over, but Jennifer still had not arrived. Heather and Kimberly were there as promised, each having inflated their implants to 100,000ccs a piece for the occasion. Their deliciously tight, smooth skin was amply revealed by the devistatingly stretched, cut off , white knit tank top they each wore, the writing "Team X-Pande" was equally stretched as it struggled to contain the girth of their two-foot wide, excerize ball-sized breasts. The tiny, white shorts they wore ordinairily would have been enough to drive any man into a frenzy, but next to the sheer size of their swollen busts they were now merely an afterthought. Heather and Kimberly squeezed their bloated breasts together, fondling as bulging everywhere as they got accustomed to their new size. They quietly cooed and moaned behind dr. X. Pande as he stood wringing his hands and looking for any sign of Jennifer. Finally her boyfriends car came tearing through the parking lot. Xavier could immediately tell that something was amiss. All of the doors to the car, including the hatch back, hung partially open- the side doors strapped in place, ties down from above and below the car as "something" bulged precariously out of every opening.

The car screeched to a halt and Jennifer's boyfriend ran out and began trying to squeeze her engorged breasts back out of the vehicle. Dr. X. Pande had no idea how they managed to fit in in the first place.

A few minute later (and much shrieking of "she's going to pop!" from Heather and Kimberly), Jennifer was out of the car, standing in front of the group in all her overfilled, bulging glory. Her breasts were almost five feet wide each, blocking sight of her body from her chin to her shins. Her pink, stretched skin bulged out around the tiny bikini perfectly situated over her nipples.
"Cripes Jennifer, I said 500 liters, not 1,500!" the doctor exclaimed.
"Sorry, we got carried away," Jennifer giggled, pulling her boyfriend in close to nuzzle his face. "I guess we went a little overboard."
"A little?!" the doctor repeated. " You're about to get a LOT bigger - I don't thing it's a good idea to be stretched out so much right from the start."
"So what? She'll have to get even bigger? Doesnt sound too bad to me doc." Jennifer's boyfriend asked as he ground his crotch into her fully stuffed breast.
Jennifer squirmed and playfully slapped him away before turning to push her mammoth mammaries into the doctor. "Please Xavier? I just love being huge - I really want to see how big I can get."

Dr. X. Pande rolled his eyes. "what's the worst that can happen?" he thought, "if she gets too big, we can just withdraw."
"Ok," he agreed, "let's just get in there- registration is about to close."

Jennifer smiled and jumped, causing her great orbs to bounce wildly. "Sorry, honey," she told her boyfriend, " opening reception is for team members only - I'll look for you in the stands tomorrow."
She gave him a kiss a waddled off after the doctor and his busty assistants.

Note: OK thank you everyone - that doesn't look as long as I hoped, but I think it's better to post what I can than try for more and end up doing nothing! That's just a taste - hope you enjoy.



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Re: Story - The CompeTITion
« Reply #2 on: October 22, 2018, 05:34:23 AM »
Part 2:
Dr. X Pande ran into the convention center with the three bloated women in tow, finding the line at the registry table already gone. The doctor got to the table first as the girls follwed up behind him like an X-rated Macy's parade. The middle aged woman at the desk looked at them incredulously.

"Registering three girls?" she asked, monotone.
"Just one actually," Dr. X. Pande responded, motioning to Jennifer, who was looking around the room wide-eyed.
"Ambitious." the woman replied, still monotone. "Starting size?"
"1,500 liters per implant."
"What's she got in there?"
"20 liters of expanded silicon."

"OK, we can work with that." The woman waved and two men with lab coats stepped out, each approaching Jennifer with a large needle. Jennifer protested at first, but Dr. X. Pande waved her off, and the men adeptly found her ports, injecting the contents of the needles into her implants.

"Testing for compatibility," one of the men said, pulling a tablet from his coat. He hit a button and Jennifer let out a little "Ooh!" as her breasts inflated a few inches before returning to their previous size.
"You're all set," the man said, handing the tablet over to Jennifer. "That's your monitor and control system - you've read the instructions in the contestant manual - you'll be fine!"
As they walked away, Jennifer sheepishly whispered, "I probably Should have read that," to Heather and Kimberly.

"Who are the designated handlers?" the woman asked Dr. X. Pande back at the table.
"That would be the other two girls," Dr. X. gestured behind him. Heather and Kimberly waved, bobbling their own epic breasts around.
The woman chuckled to herself. "Usually we see handlers who are a bit more... Physically robust... But you have good luck with that."
Dr. X. tried to question her more, but she had already moved on. "Contestants must increase their volume by at least four times their starting size during the opening reception. Do you want to add anything to that?"
"I was going to go with ten times, but she's already too big." Dr. X. Pande shook his head.
"What?" Jennifer protested, " Come on doc, let's do it, I can take it!"
"Yeah!!" Heather and Kimberly chimed in, grabbing and shaking huge armfuls of Jennifer's massive breasts. "Come on, Doc, we want to see her GROW!"
Xavier sighed and rolled his eyes. "Put us down for five times," he told the woman, "maybe that will them happy."
She nodded and waved them off.

Dr. X. Pande joined the girls and they headed into the ballroom for the reception. Jennifer was pleased that the doors were wide enough that she didn't even have to turn her almost 10-foot wide bust to get through.



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Re: Story - The CompeTITion
« Reply #3 on: October 22, 2018, 04:26:24 PM »
Part 3:
As Soon as they walked through the door, all eyes were on them. Xavier scanned the area and was surprised to find that not only was Jennifer easily the biggest girl in the room, but most girls barely even matched up to Heather and Kimberly.
"Stay poised, girls," Dr. X. cautioned as they continued to walk.
Everyone was talking rapidly in hushed voices as they stared, and most of the other contestants, while busty in their own right, were absolutely fuming at being blown away.

"Xavier!" someone finally called out of the crowd. "Xavier, how are you?" an older doctor approached with his own model-like woman in tow. A tall, leggy red-head with flaming hair and breasts inflated larger than most in the room. At least 200 liters by Xavier's estimation.
"George!" Xavier beamed, "girls, this is Dr. Nathan George Hugely - he was my mentor in med school."
"Mentor? Aw, shucks," he slapped the younger doctor on his back. "Just look at you now," he gestured toward Jennifer and the others, "already in the BIG league. Come on, let's go catch up."

He began to pull Xavier into the crowd, but Dr. X. looked nervously back toward Jennifer.

"We'll be fine," Heather assured him, "me 'n Kimmie are on the job!" They threw a Charlie's Angles pose next to their bloated friend.
"Plus we want to check out that buffet table,"  Kim agreed.
"You girls have fun," Dr. N. George told them. "Lisa, why don't you go with them? X and I are going to talk shop for a bit."
"Oh good," Jennifer beamed as Lisa walked off with them. "Maybe you can show me how to work this thing," Jennifer waggled to tablet in one hand. "I didn't exactly read the book," she confided in the new girl.
"Oh really...?" a sly look crossed Lisa's face as they walked through the crowd.

"I'm so glad you finally made it to the invitational," Dr. Hugely told Dr. X. Pande. "You deserve it - I've been watching your practice for the last few years - you've been pumping out some Huge girls and your complication rate is almost nil. And you've got a great showing here! I can't believe you're already using a decoy in your first year! You must have done your research."
Xavier looked puzzled. "Decoy?" he asked.
"Oh sure, the big girl. She's going to pop faster than an overinflated balloon in a pin factory."
"Wh-what?" Dr. X. Pande was suddenly concerned for Jennifer.
"Come on Xavier, don't play dumb. You know a girl like that is going to attract a lot of attention. As soon as you walked in here everyone started trying to figure out how to make her burst. Here's a hint: it's going to involve a lot of expanded silicon," the older doctor laughed.
"But they make you withdraw before the girls actually pop, right?"
"Oh sure, when they can, but i tell you Xavier, these girls are vicious and they don't give the new girls any slack. Theyll find some way to blow her up, and by the end of the day, I bet she'll be bigger than... Oh Christ..."
"Bigger than what?"
"Than that."

Dr. N. George Hugely pointed over the young doctor's shoulder, and Xavier turned to see an absolute wall of flesh squeezing through the ten-foot high doorway of the enormous ballroom.



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Re: Story - The CompeTITion
« Reply #4 on: October 22, 2018, 08:50:13 PM »
Part 4:
A very slender Japanese girl backed into the room between the two gigantic, ten-foot wide orbs of her clearly far-too-overfilled breasts. She spoke quickly and loudly in Japanese, seeming almost frantic. Each of her monstrous breasts was bound with straps, around which her swollen skin bulged impressively. A mountainous Sumo wrestler carried each of her breasts on their backs. A Japanese man in a lab coat and a fu-Manchu mustache walked before them, motioning for everyone to clear the way. The sumo wrestlers wrangled the girl's stuffed-to-bursting massive bust to the middle of the room, before depositing the load less than gracefully, causing her taut skin to jiggle uncontrollably for an incredible time.

The doctor raised a hand in the air for silence, and announced in a thick accent:
"Introducing Yumi Mooriboobi and increasing to starting size."

The small girl began speaking even louder and faster as the doctor dramatically hit something on the screen of his tablet, and Yumi's breasts instantly flooded outwards.   She bulged dangerously around the straps still containing her breasts, but quickly broke them, sending them flying off around her. Everyone in the crowded room retreated as Yumi's breasts continued to inflate like rafts, spreading out foot after foot over the floor. Gentle stretch marks began to appear on her skin and spread out, and Yumi was no longer speaking but moaning loudly as her tremendous bust bulged strenuously outward. Within two minutes of incredible expansion, it was done. Yumi's breasts were devestatingly round from containing so much size and pressure, almost twenty feet high and slightly wider. Her skin looked perilously taut - hot pink and shiny with the occasional darker stretch mark, she was filled far past the bursting point of almost any girl in the room.
Yumi continued moaning as the doctor tried to speak over her: "One-hundred-twenty-five-thousand liters. My biggest yet." He twirled his mustache proudly.

Several officials from the contest rushed over, one of them calling, "Let's get some tension sensors on her!"
As they began sticking thin, flesh colored pads every few feet around as much of Yumi's overly bloated breasts as they could, she began speaking rapidly again between moans.

"She is uh-saying," the doctor interpreted, "how uh-much she likes huge breasts, and uh-that she cannot uh-wait to get bigger."

The official who had called out before approached the doctor waving a tablet displaying a screen flashing a large, orange warning sign.
"She's almost at critical tension already! You better not have anything else planned, Mooriboobi. Be careful."
The doctor bowed solemnly and the crowd began to go back to normal mingling, with some people coming forward to examine Yumi's titanically swollen bust up close.

"Who is that?" Dr. X. Pande asked his friend once things had calmed down.
"Dr. Mooriboobi." Hugely responded through gritted teeth. "He shows up every year and almost pops some poor girl at the opening ceremony each time. All he cares about is size, so he only comes for the first night, sets a record in size that no one else can beat, and leaves before his girl explodes. No one has beaten him in the "Largest Overall" category for years now."

"I thought that sort of thing was frowned upon?" Dr. X. Pande asked.

"It is," N. George emphasized, "but Mooriboobi donates about half the operating costs of the contest each year just so he can do that. There's not much they can do without losing their funding."
The older doctor leaned in close.
"Between you and me, it's all an act. His name is Tom Sano. He pulls the whole "Mooriboobi" routine because it makes it more difficult to stop him when he pretends he can't understand. -Don't tell anyone.- He's got some... dirt on me too, so I don't want it getting out."
Dr. X. Pande nodded and Dr. N. George Hugely continued: "Someone just needs to beat him. Maybe your decoy can give him a run for his money if she's still got some stretch left in her."

"She's not a decoy - she's my only entrant," Xavier finally admitted. "But she does have some stretch in her."
"And the other two?"
"Her handlers," Xavier sheepishly replied.
N. George let out a hoot and burst out laughing.
"Well, I wish you better luck next year," he cackled, slapping his friend on the back. "I think I gave you too much credit before."
"What? Why?"
"I don't want to tell you how to run your game, but none of them seem too... saavy, am I right?"
"I guess not..."

"Well, I'm just saying," Dr. Hugely put up his hands defensively, "some people are going to take advantage, and if there's any sign that's possible, she's going to be twice Yumi's size quick as Jack Flash."

"I'll keep my eye out over them," Dr. X. Pande nodded.

"Mind that you do, and tell them not to trust anyone. But remember that it's all a game, so if you take me out, no hard feelings, and if I take you out, well, I hope it's the same."

"Of course!" Xavier shook his mentor's hand, smiling.

"Well, I'll let you get back to your girls," Dr. Hugely said, backing away slowly. "Weren't they somewhere over there?" He pointed behind Xavier, and a snicker crossed his face.

Xavier turned around, slightly confused. The crowd was thickest by the buffet table, as more people pushed toward that side of the room. He suddenly noticed two massive, flesh-colored orbs rising above the crowd and steadily continuing to swell. Although greatly stretched, Xavier immediately recognized the pattern of veins from many hours of "professional examination".

"Jennifer!" he cried, trying to push through the crowd.

How did she get so huge?



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Re: Story - The CompeTITion
« Reply #5 on: October 23, 2018, 03:55:48 AM »
Part 5:
As soon as they got through the crowd, Heather and Kimberly hit the buffet table hard. Feeling understandably full, Jennifer was not terribly interested in gobbling down extra food, and only nibbled on a strawberry as she scanned the crowd, unwisely left alone with Lisa.

Jennifer was in awe as Dr. Mooriboobi entered and Yumi's breasts grew to their spectacularly enormous size. She rubbed the tops of her own breasts wistfully, gazing with envy at Yumi's tautly engorged breasts. "I hope I can get that big," Jennifer whispered, "she's so huge!"

"Really? You're not too bad yourself," Lisa leaned in as close as their bloated breasts would allow. "How much bigger have you gone before?"

Jennifer started, making her engorged bust wobble. She hadn't realized that anyone was listening to her. "A bit," she blushed.
"Dr. X. told me not to say exactly how much. Have to keep some secrets," she giggled. "I just love being big, though. Feeling my skin stretch is just... mmmmmphh..." Jennifer closed her eyes and bit her lip as she moaned quietly and rubbed her breasts a bit harder. "Dr. X. Pande always makes me stop before I want though," she pouted a little.
Jennifer didn't catch the wry look on Lisa's face as she leaned over, smooshing her own enormous breasts, each almost half as wide as one of Jennifer's, into the side of the more bloated girl to nuzzle and grope her pontoon like breast.

"You are soooo big," she moaned. "I'll bet you can get gigantic! I wish I could get big like you. Even after adding four times my size tonight, I still won't be as big as you."
"Aw, I'll bet you can go big too! I'm signed up to add five times my size tonight. I wanted to go bigger, but Dr. X. said no. He didn't even want me to start out this big," Jennifer admitted, blushing deeper and patting the sides of her swollen breasts, making her taut skin reverberate like the surface of a drum.
"Really?" Lisa looked up, doe-eyed. "You know we can use the tablets to make ourselves as big as we want. If you wanted to, we could... No, I'm sorry - someone your size would never want to do that with me..."
"What's that?" Jennifer leaned in, making their breasts bulge out around each other.
"No, Nevermind...."
"Come on Lisa, tell me please?" she begged, squeezing in even more.
"Well, you can do a challenge with another girl where you both agree to go an additional size - all the top girls do as many challenges as they can, but I don't know how many girls will want to do one with me."
"I will!" Jennifer, ever friendly, tried to cheer her up. "What do we have to do?"
Lisa backed away, letting both of their massive busts bounce from the release, and brought the tablet up over her cleavage. "For now I'll just send you the challenge, and we'll grow during the opening reception."
Jennifer maneuvered her own tablet over her bulging slopes. "Oh yeah, there it is! Oh cool! And so now, what, I just switch back to the main screen, and here's the master size control... my size now is 1,500 liters, so I put in 3,000... Do you want to grow together? How big are you?" Jennifer looked up at Lisa expectantly. Lisa looked confused at first, but her expression quickly brightened as she caught on to Jennifer's mistake.

"What? We can just wait until the reception starts... But we could do it now if you want. My implants are currently filled to 250 liters, so I'll be 500 after." Lisa punched in the number on the tablet and looked back up at Jennifer. "Ready?" she asked.
Jennifer nodded enthusiastically, her excitement building by the second.
"OK! One...two...three!"
They hit enter at the same time, and both girls' breasts began bulging out at a terrific rate, although Jennifer's to a much greater extent - inflating like rafts on a high-pressure line.
"Oooooohhhhh!" both girls moaned out in unison, reveling in the feeling of their expansion.
Lisa groped the sides of her swelling breasts, squeezing them together as much as she could to accentuate the feeling.
Jennifer moaned louder as her enormous breasts bulged out to five feet each and continued to expand, soaring up to six feet in diameter. No longer able to hold her massive girth off the ground, Jennifer allowed her breasts to fall to the floor, bulging out more on the sides as she continued to grow and spread. Letting out a sigh to equal her epically inflating bust, Jennifer leaned forward into her own chasmic cleavage. She extended her arms to rub the tops of her globular breasts as much as she could, feeling her skin stretching as she leaned into them, causing her growing bust to bulge out even further on the sides.
Finally the girls settled into their new, swollen sizes and collapsed into each other, breathing heavily from the exhilaration. Lisa's almost three and a half foot wide, overstuffed, beanbag-sized breasts smooshed into Jennifer's bloated bust, causing her newly tightened skin to bulge out further around them.



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Re: Story - The CompeTITion
« Reply #6 on: October 23, 2018, 02:47:19 PM »
Part 6:
"That was amazing," Jennifer moaned again, her hands still groping and teasing her engorged breasts.
"Do you want to do it again?" Lisa asked breathlessly.
Jennifer's eyes flew open as she looked up. "Yes! Can we?"
"Sure!" Lisa beamed back, "I'll send you another challenge!"
Jennifer pulled out her tablet, greedily accepting and putting in 4,500 liters for her new size as fast as she could.
Immediately she began to expand before Lisa had time to catch up. Jennifer's huge breasts began to swell again, although seemingly slower this time due to her larger size. Still, Lisa was captivated by the sight, licking her lips as she watched Jennifer's skin pull itself tighter as it accommodated the new volume. Her skin became smoother and smoother as it continued to expand, her freckles and veins slowly spreading out.

Moments later Jennifer settled into her new size, her breasts now noticeably taller than her body. She rested between her mountainous breasts within the upward slope of her cleavage, her hands reaching above her head to grope her swollen mammaries harder than ever; now well over six feet tall and bulging almost eight across.
"Yes!" she moaned, "Yes, yes, oohhh yes!" suddenly tearing herself back to reality, Jennifer grabbed the tablet lying in her cleavage. "My turn!" she announced. "How do I give you a challenge?"
Lisa tried to back in to make room for their swollen busts, failing to point out that she had not yet grown herself.
"Go to the player profile list and find me. You can give me a challenge from there."
"Oh yeah here it is!" Jennifer paused and looked slyly at Lisa. "Do you want to do a few all at once?" she asked. "I really want to feel these puppies grow!"
"Y-yeah!" Lisa replied in disbelief at Jennifer's naive enthusiasm.
"Great!" Jennifer beamed. "Let's do three, that way you'll be as big as me when we started!"
"Let's do it!" Lisa didn't think she could get away with not growing at all again, but still undercut herself a bit, only entering 1,000 liters compared to the 9,000 Jennifer was now attempting. "OK? Ready, set, go!"
Both girls clutched their breasts and gasped softly as they instantly began to expand faster than ever. Jennifer's engorged breasts began to swell out behind her, and Lisa rubbed her back into Jennifer's expanding rear hemisphere, leaning back hard so she could heave her own growing breasts into the air as they rapidly closed the gap to four feet in diameter. Jennifer's beasts bulged dramatically, especially at the sides as she doubled her massive volume.

"Wwwwowza!" Jennifer groaned. "I've never grown so fast! My skin is stretching so much - it feels incredible!"
She did a little dance on her tip-toes, barely able to reach the ground. Her fantastically swollen breasts bounced in place, bulging and wobbling like and incredibly overfilled pair of water balloons. She finally stopped growing, her breasts towering almost nine feet in the air, but kept hopping, starting to make her tautly bloated breasts rock back and forth, bulging out as they moved in place.
Lisa turned around, pushing her own great bosom into Jennifer's, making her bulge out even more awkwardly.
"My skin is tingling!" Jennifer moaned, almost slapping her swollen bust with her arms and hands. "More, I need more! A LOT more!"
"Yes!" Lisa moaned with her. "you look amazing! You should definitely keep going - make yourself huge!"
"How much bigger do you want to go?" Jennifer tried to turn around to look at Lisa but could barely see out of her cleavage.
"Oof," Lisa rubbed her swollen breasts and puffed out her cheeks. "I think I'm getting too full - I'm not big like you are. But I want to see you get bigger too!"

"Who's going to grow with me?" Jennifer sounded a bit disappointed.

"Oh I'm sure we can find someone.". Lisa chuckled to herself.