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Story - Family Curse
« on: October 23, 2018, 05:49:47 PM »
Hi all -
I'm going to start posting a second story here so you all can get a sense of the range of the stories I write.
Feel free to respond here if you want to give me any feedback. After I've got a couple of stories going I will also start a thread just for feedback in the other subforum (I figure I should post some material before asking for input). Hopefully one of these will piqué someone else's interest and maybe I'll actually get around to finishing a story one of these days!
Will follow up with post containing the first part of the story later today.
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Re: Story - Family Curse
« Reply #1 on: October 23, 2018, 10:21:29 PM »
Part 1:
Every woman in Ellie's family was absolutely gorgeous - each one more fantastically beautiful than the last. Everyone assumed her mother was a trophy wife with a hearty fund for plastic surgery, and even her grandmother's curves attracted men a fraction of her age.

Shortly after her 18th birthday, Ellie already looked like a porn star herself - huge, round, full breasts, slim waist, and flared out hips. Every time her grandmother saw her, she seemed more and more concerned.

"You should not let her wear such things," she cautioned Ellie's mother, Stephanie. Ellie was wearing a simple t-shirt and jeans - nothing too flashy, but still enough to make anyone weak in the knees with her figure.
"That's how girls her age dress," Stephanie responded. "She wouldn't fit in if I made her cover up all the time."
"Men these days don't control themselves," the older woman continued to push the issue. "She is already bigger than either of us were at that age, and she grows more and more each time I see her.  These things escalate quickly - the bigger she gets, the more attention she will attract."
"Oh, Ma, don't start with this again," Stephanie rolled her eyes.
"It's our family curse!" Betty, the matriarch demanded. "Everyone is full of themselves, but we have to show it. And you know what happens when you get too full!"
"There's no such thing," Stephanie argued. "It's just genetics! Every woman in our family has been an early - and late - bloomer, and we've all grown quickly. Sure, maybe Ellen got it a bit stronger than we did, but anyone would kill to look like she does."
"Let's just hope she doesn't know it herself. Even you were too full of pride, and look where it got you - " she poked at her daughter's melon-sized breasts. "Tell me you never thought you were growing too quickly or felt too full?"

Stephanie bit her lip. In truth, she had always done her best to downplay her daughter's figure, but never wanted to push it on her enough to drive her away - they simply found other family activities to avoid situations where Ellie would attract attention. The family had stuck to living in small towns, and growth spurts did tend to strangely coincide with trips to the city. Stephanie could recall a number of her own growth spurts over the years, and even now she found herself needing to resize her tops every once in a while.

Ellie was aware of the "Family Curse" as well - and was about to test it. Unbeknownst to her mother, she had been invited to her first pool party of the summer after graduating, and snuck off to find the skimpiest bikini she could bring herself to wear.

Sure enough, even with only a handful of boys at the party, Ellie could feel her bust swelling slightly the whole time. She, and some of her friends, posted pictures online, and as she watched the view counter tick up, her breasts quickly surpassed the size of her mother's overnight.

Ellie was hooked. Revelling in her new figure, she posted more pictures on her account and signed up for more social media sites. She had joked about the stories of her family curse in the past, and she often alluded to it as she continued to watch her figure develop.

"You guys thinking about my legs? Not sure how I got a runner's gap from sitting by the pool," she asked, posting a picture of her round, bikini-clad bottom with an incredibly alluring gap between her thighs. The next day she was sure that her hips were a bit wider, her cheeks a bit more round, yet better defined.

"Feeling XXX-tra busty today," she posted a picture of herself stretching out a tiny, triangle-cup string bikini. "Is somebody wanking?  ;) "
Was it just a coincidence that she started another growth spurt as soon as she posted the picture to her growing group of followers?  Over the next three hours she had a tape measure glued to her hands as she felt her bustline growing an inch per hour.
Finally she couldn't take it any more and posted another picture of her bulging breasts making the tiny, strappy top almost obscene.
"Jeez guys, I'm getting huge here - you've got to be chaffing yourselves by now!" she teased.

Ellie didn't realize that the pictures were quickly picked up by a larger site and posted across the front page. By the time the morning came, Ellie's breasts had each swelled up another inch in diameter, and her social media accounts had tripled the number of followers. The feeling of growing so quickly had kept Ellie up, driving her wild, but she moaned slightly as she messaged her bloated, swollen breasts the next morning. Her rapid growth had left her feeling incredibly full, her skin a bit tight. Still, it kept her breasts perfectly round and high, expanding evenly outward from her otherwise slender torso.
They looked so good Ellie had to post another picture, even as she wondered if it really was a good idea.
Her growth had snapped the straps of her nightie, but her enormously full breasts has no problem holding it up as it stretched tight across them.
"Couldn't rest last night because I was growing so much - I take it none of you did either? Feeling a bit tight from growing so fast. Do you think that's what's keeping my breasts so perky?"
The response was almost explosive. Ellie had planned a day at the beach with a few of her friends, but she was kicked off after she couldn't stay in her swim top, and then tore out of another t-shirt as she bulged out several more inches.
She rushed home to check her accounts and found that her number of followers had doubled again.

The comments were becoming much more lewd as well, with graphic descriptions of wanting to tit-fuck her, calling her fake or a slut, cautioning that she was overfilling her implants, and even some encouraging her to keep stretching herself until she burst.
Ellie responded with a selfie and a somewhat desperate plea. Her eyes were wide, her brows askew, and she bit her lip worriedly as she pushed her bulging cleavage up to her chin.
"Okay... So my boobs have grown from the size of volley balls to the size of basketballs since this morning. I'm still not quite sold on this whole "curse" thing, but just for fun, could you all try not spankin' it to me for a bit?  I don't know how much more I can take I feel sooo full and tight!"
Of course the post had the opposite effect - even those who believed her couldn't not be turned on by the thought. Ellie's breasts began to bloat and bulge at such an alarming rate that she quickly blocked new people from following her accounts, and took down many of her most provocative posts. It took several days for her rate of growth to settle, but even from that point on, the feeling of growing was almost constant.



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Re: Story - Family Curse
« Reply #2 on: October 24, 2018, 03:35:40 AM »
Part 2:
Some days Ellie could feel - and see! - her breasts bulging out faster than usual, and she could always assume that one or more of her pictures had been re-posted somewhere. At first she would try to track them down and have them taken off various sites, but she quickly found that any sort of contact would just get people thinking about her again.
Her startling rate of growth and the resulting tightness in her skin got Ellie to give in to her mother's pestering to see a doctor. He confirmed what she already suspected and diagnosed her with macromastia - excessive growth of the breast tissue due to a hormone imbalance.
A surgical reduction could get rid of most of the size and weight and reduce the strain on her skin from growing so quickly, the doctor explained. But since she seemed to be in the middle of a longer growth period he couldn't be certain that her massive mammaries would not continue to grow afterwards. They could also try hormone therapy to stop and possibly reverse the situation, and the doctor offered several creams to help her skin relax and stretch.
Ellie took the creams, but said she'd "have to consider" the other treatments, much to the dismay of her mother and grandma. While relieved to know there was a medical explanation, Ellie still kept things mostly under wraps for the rest of the summer.
Nonetheless, by the time she left for college, her breasts had grown and engorged themselves up to the size of extra-large, overinflated party balloons.

The university was a new world for Ellie. She had never been around so many people - especially so many her own age - before. Naturally her exaggerated figure quickly began attracting attention again, and Ellie was faced with a choice. Almost immediately she embraced her sexuality once again - there were just too many hot guys (and girls!) for her not to join in on exploring themselves and their newfound freedoms. Without the maternal influence of Stephanie and Betty, Ellie's wardrobe changed - now featuring tiny booty shorts and leggings; tiny but valiantly stretchy tank tops and tee-shirts, almost absurd looking tube and halter tops, and the occasional creative - and scandalous! - use of suspenders and belts.

Immediately popular and well known around campus, Ellie reveled in her popularity, bursting with pride in the attention she got everywhere she went.

Her breasts grew in kind, swelling out several more inches in her first month at her new school. Everyone she met wanted to talk her into bed, but Ellie still had yet to let anyone go all the way. She had found during several hot and heavy encounters that the passion made her bulge dramatically and intensified as she and her companion got more heated. She was getting so big that she was concerned about what would happen if  she completely let herself go to her own lustful desires.

At one party she burst out of a cute, stretchy sundress that she had distended into a miniskirt with her gigantic, bloated frontage as six guys from her class ground up against her. The smell of their sweat was driving her crazy, and she could feel her bust bulging out faster and faster as her heart rate excitedly increased.
Everyone left the encounter frustrated when she had to break off to find a new top that would fit.



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Re: Story - Family Curse
« Reply #3 on: October 24, 2018, 07:54:21 PM »
Part 3:
In early October, a girl who lived near Ellie asked if she wanted to go to a game with her - the Red Sox were playing the Yankees in New York. All of Ellie's family were avid Res Sox fans, and she happily accepted.
The only stipulation hardly seemed like a problem: Samantha's father worked for the team, so they has to wear team clothing while in the seats.

Together with Savannah, another busty, leggy blonde several inches taller than Ellie, who was a bit too handsy with Ellie's swollen figure after she'd had a few, they travelled to the city for a bitter match-up in one of the last great rival games for the season.

Ellie was only slightly dismayed when she saw the clothes they wanted the girls to wear - she couldn't help but wonder if there was a reason why they wanted to give tickets away to Samantha and her bustiest friends. They each squeezed into their tiny pairs of stretch-booty shorts, a small team logo on the part of the shorts that covered a tiny portion of their upper thighs. Sam and Savannah were quite stimulating in the tight shirts themselves - little, stretchy t-shirts with scoop necks and another 3 buttons going down the center revealed their ample cleavage while displaying "Red Sox" written across their chest. Ellie couldn't even get her shirt over her enormous bust and resorted to tearing another few inches down the middle of the shirt past the row of buttons and stepping through the now gaping neck of the poor, barely adequate shirt to pull it up over her hugely swollen breasts.
As soon as she got the top on, they knew she needed to wear something under it in order not to cause a riot, as Ellie's gigantically full bust had stretched the shirt well into the realm of being see-through.

Thankfully they also had an enormous sports bra that she managed to squeeze into, making her bust extremely tightly packed in some places and obscenely bulgy in others, all the while greatly accentuating the huge amount of cleavage spilling out of the grossly distended neckline of the shirt. Finally, each girl had a team hat and and all tied their hair back in pony tails to pull through the backs of the caps.

As they made their way to the stadium and worked their way inside to their seats, Ellie could tell how much attention they - and she in particular - were attracting.
She wondered if the Sox gear on the Yankees turf wasn't helping, but regardless there were more than enough people ready and willing to ogle the scantily-dressed girls.

The whole way Ellie could feel herself growing, her breasts bulging, her tiny shorts also feeling a bit tighter, her cheeks a bit breezier. She couldn't see her bust growing, but she could feel it, and seams were bursting on her tops, the tear in the front of the shirt widening much faster than she had anticipated.

Ellie thought that they would have nose bleed seats somewhere, but as Sam lead them through the crowd, they continued to get closer to the field. At last Sam brought them all the way to a box at the front, showed the tickets to the boy watching the gate, and they walked into the front row behind the Red Sox dugout.

"Oh my god Sam! I can't believe we are so close!" Ellie squealed and did a little dance, but her swelling bust heaved, and she lurched forward trying to stay upright.

"Jeez Ellie, grow much?" Sam laughed.

Ellie laughed too, but wondered - could they notice the swelling too already?

The girls went to sit, and Ellie found herself spilling into her friends' seats on either side of her.
"Mmm... Yeah... I'll hold that for you you," Savannah sighed, stroking Ellie's bloated, swollen breast through her shirt.

"Haha, thanks..." Ellie laughed nervously as her friends took up cradling her overstuffed, medicine ball sized breasts.



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Re: Story - Family Curse
« Reply #4 on: October 28, 2018, 03:09:23 AM »
Love it!!!!  ;D



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Re: Story - Family Curse
« Reply #5 on: October 28, 2018, 08:43:27 AM »
Thanks! I don't have too more of this one left unfortunately, but it is one of my favorite recent pieces that I've been working on. Here's a bit more:

Part 4:
They sat and talked as they waited for the game to start, several important looking people filled the seats around them, and Ellie could feel her breasts tingle and start to grow a bit faster as they and other people around her stared lustfully at her fully stuffed monstrous melons.

Suddenly Ellie's breasts bulged out visibly for about a second.
"Oof!" she gasped as she felt her skin stretch to the new size.

"Did you just grow?" Samantha jolted her tremendously swollen bust.

Ellie was about to respond, but suddenly her bust heaved and bulged again. She arched her back and swelled outward, growing several inches in diameter, filling out much rounder as her skin tightened again.

"Oh yeah, look at her go!" Savannah cheered, massaging the bulging breast in her lap. "Cripes, we'll have to carry you out of here!"

"It's the family curse! There's too many people staring at you!" Sam laughed and waved her hands over Ellie's bloated behemoths. "Oobity Boobity, Tits grow hugity!"

Samantha and Savannah  cracked up, jostling and bouncing Ellie's recently swollen orbs as they laughed. In one spurt, her breasts had bloated out to the size of large pumpkins - well over a foot in diameter each. They had stopped the immense growth rate, her shirt torn considerably wider than it had been before, but Ellie could still feel her breasts swelling residually.

"Dont say that," she moaned, massaging her increasingly swollen and stretched mounds. "What a time for a growth spurt! It's just a coincidence. It's got to be..."
Ellie desperately hoped that it would settled down as the game started, but every so often she would get another clearly visible bulge. It only took by the second one for her phone to start buzzing deep in her cleavage.

As Ellie dug it out, she saw the first text was from her brother Derrek.
"Hey Blimp Tits you're on TV. Mom and grandma are freaking out."

From Betty (who was still getting the hang of texting):
"Dear Ellen,
You should leave the stadium immediately before you explode like a prideful slut.
With concern,
Your Grandmother"

From a friend:
"holy shit Ells you're in the front row Sox/Yanks? Kinda hard to miss if you know what i mean. New fills are looking great ;) " (Some people always believed she had implants no matter what she said).

As the game played on, Ellie continued to swell at a rapid pace, bulging out in surges at least once a minute and continuing to grow ever faster in between. Her shirt was tearing as her round, huge breasts pushed each other apart and Ellie could feel the seams bursting on her sports bra underneath.

Her parents texted next:
"Ellie they're catching you on the camera whenever they show the pitcher or the team.
We can see you getting bigger. Don't know about the curse but maybe you should leave anyway."

Below on the field a small commotion started: some of the players were running out of the dugout and turning around to look back into the stands. When they saw Ellie their jaws dropped and they stared. They waved to Ellie and the girls and some blew kisses.
"Oh my god!" Ellie laughed, embarrassed, covering her mouth and leaning back into her seating quickly, making her giant breasts jolt and bounce.
"Come on, Ellie, go wish them luck!" Sam encouraged her, practically pushing her to her feet.

Ellie's enormous bust heaved forward, dragging her up against and almost over the railing. As she leaned over, prominently displaying her posterior, she could feel her hips spread and her ass cheeks bulge as well, and she bit her lip as she felt another seam pop on the stretchy shorts.

Ellie's breasts began bulging wickedly again and her hands shot to her swelling sides as she gasped. The team below started going wild, and Sam and Savannah grabbed and shook Ellie's shoulders.
"Look! Look! You're on the Jumbo-Tron!" they screamed and pointed. "Haha! Ellie's jumbos on the Jumbo-Tron!"
Ellie's looked up to see her herself, or rather her gaping cleavage and exposed, tremendously round upper-poles on the giant screens on both sides of the stadium.
Everywhere around her people were spotting her in the audience, pointing and taking pictures from all over the stadium. Her breasts ballooned out faster and faster as the crowd cheered louder.
Ellie smiled and bounced her breasts a little, groaning at how heavy they had become as she tried to hide her embarrassment from the crowd.
The excitement in the stadium immediately blew up - Ellie could see every man around her was visibly aroused - many of them unable to stop touching themselves. Ellie laughed nervously and waved a little between rubbing her quickly growing breasts, trying to help her skin stretch to keep up as she bulged out and inflated ever faster.

Finally the manager corralled the team back into the dugout and the attention focused on Ellie subsided a bit. She heaved her continuously swelling breasts back over the railing, and laboriously began to turn back to her seat. Her breasts has swollen up to the size of super inflated beach balls.
Ellie felt so huge. She ran her hands over the vast expanse of her increasingly taut breast skin. She had grown so round and heavy - she could feel every bulging inch of her gigantic bust as she continued to grow ever more.
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