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"New Beginnings" Chapter 7
« on: October 25, 2018, 01:57:34 AM »
It's literally been years since the last but I've posted another chapter of my unofficial sequel to Steve Palmer's classic Breast Expansion story New Beginnings. I'm thrilled to be releasing this entry into the series as it's one of the (if not the absolute) longest chapter thus far.  I hope everyone enjoys this as it represents one of my favorite pieces of fiction that I've ever written.  It also is a prime example of what I want from BE fiction, huge tits that get even huger and we don't end the story just when they get to a size where they drastically complicate the lead characters' lives.

New Beginnings 7https://bit.ly/2yBwI2R

Here are the earlier chapters with the exception of the first because it's not suitable for the BE Archive's standards:

New Beginnings 2http://bit.ly/1iXQXKT
New Beginnings 3http://bit.ly/KIN0uX
New Beginnings 4http://bit.ly/1rt5iBK
New Beginnings 5http://bit.ly/1m4Y82q
New Beginnings 6https://bit.ly/2AqUXSJ

Oh, and the image below represents the main character Judy Wall.

Enjoy!  Feedback is welcome and encouraged!