I am back on my quest for XL implants
« on: November 13, 2018, 08:41:25 AM »
After a 10 year absence, from this site I am back.
In 2009 I was here looking for help finding a surgeon for my ex, she had oversized implants that needed revision and she was looking to go larger. She ended up getting a reduction after we broke up because thats all any doctor would offer her.
But now I have met the girl of my dreams, For a million reasons but this post is only concerned with one. She announced to me that she wanted to get breast implants. Just For the record she is a large C cup. So I had to ask her how big does she want to go? and she said "Huge"
After I put up my best sounding argument against having breast surgery, she Insisted this is something she really really wants. Being a conscientious boyfriend I decided I would help. Truthfully the argument was a little weak!
So as an avid enthusiast I decided to share my knowledge and experience on the subject. Including how to do the rice test. (I was really curious what huge meant)
This girl is 5 ft 2" tall with a petite frame
So we spent a night playing scientists with measuring cups, rice and panty hose and she finally arrived at the size she wanted..........Wait for it...........2000cc's
So I then explained how difficult her journey was going to be, going past the usual off the shelf 800cc implants. I told her that every doctor will tell her thats too big. and of coarse i told her that she doesn't need them and she is fine the way she is. But she made it clear that's what she wants.
Hey, You can only fake an argument for so long when your obviously turned on!
So here I am. Somehow back where I left off 10 years ago!
But this time I have a lot more experience going in, and i can help plan this out so they don't get screwed up in the first place.



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Re: I am back on my quest for XL implants
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Excellent news. Perhaps you could show her photos of Wendy Whoppers when she was at 3,000ccs on her glory days back in the 1990's. Wendy was only 5' 1" tall so your lady could have a good visual of what she wants. Anyways, good luck and Godspeed. :)



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Re: I am back on my quest for XL implants
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