Ultimate Big Boob Superheroine! Now on Kickstarter.
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Hello Friends-

This is it!  The campaign for "Big Blue" issue 2:


Last year we released chapter one of "Big Blue" -- the adventures of a busty super heroine whose super powers ARE her humungous hooters.

We revisit Yaelin (a.k.a. “Big Blue”) the immense indigo ingenue.  Just like in chapter 1, Yaelin engages evil exerting her enormous endowment

Our book features gratuitous, far-out nudity and some sex.  It is intended for readers eighteen years of age and older.

If funded, contributors will receive the ten page issue two of the six issue series as a digital file. In issue two, Yaelin goes up against Baeyed (a.k.a. "Bad Blue") -- another blue beauty with bodacious bazooms but this babe is a blackhearted bitch.  It's the juggs of justice versus the casabas of crime, the tits of tolerance versus the hooters of hate, the chest of charity versus the gazongas of greed.


Mase Corgan, ESQ., OBE

Re: Ultimate Big Boob Superheroine! Now on Kickstarter.
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Salutations Successful Supporters of the Second Section of the Story Showcasing the Stacked Superheroine-

We did it!  At $3,866 we surpassed our goal of $3,500.

Soon I will have a release date for "Big Blue" chapter 2.

We couldn't have done it without you.


Mase Corgan, ESQ., OBE