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not big boobs but can you identify? LINK BROKEN
« on: December 28, 2010, 08:38:49 PM »
anyone know who the girl is in this video?


Mod edit: AGAIN: it's WORTH YOUR WHILE TO actually attach a still image capped from the video and upload it here with your ID request. As so often happens, your third-party (external) link is dead, and since you didn't take the extra 10 seconds to attach a cap, your entire ID reQuest thread is now rendered moot, since no one can SEE who you're asking about. Users have been known to provide an ID months or years sometimes after the request... after all, this is a forum and it's possible that the person who recognizes this subject hasn't even stumbled across this thread yet.

So everyone: if you're putting a link in your ID reQuest (to an external vid or image file) please ALSO REMEMBER TO ATTACH a still image to your post also. Thanks! :) -Palomine
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