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need ID on this hottie! LINK BROKEN
« on: December 31, 2010, 10:33:42 AM »
hey, http://www.whups.com/picz/displayimage.php?album=12&pid=4166#top_display_media
of course she's not a model but it does worth a try. (i'm in love...) xD
i need:
-implant size guessing
:) thanks for the replies, and Happy New Year to all the members! :D

Mod edit: this is why you should always upload/attach a picture with your post... over time, third-party links often die, rendering your ID reQuest useless. Forumites have been known to ID old IDQ years after the fact, but they can only do so IF they can still SEE who you're asking about. -Palomine
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