Forum and Site Rules

Violation of the following rules can result in penalties up to and including permanent banning from the forum, chat room, gallery, and the BEA website.  These rules cannot be taken as exhaustive; moderators can and will use their judgement to edit and delete posts they consider to be offensive, irrelevant, or potentially dangerous.  Applicable rules will be enforced in the Chat and User/Member Galleries as well as the Forums.

By posting content in the free/public areas of the BEA, posters grant BEArchive irrevocable license to display that content in the free/public areas in perpetuity. The forum software allows you to edit your messages for 24 hours after posting, but once the edit time-window has closed, each message and all replies become permanent contents of the forum. Moderators will not remove messages due to poster's remorse, so think before you post.

For more information about using the forum and its software, please refer to The BEA Forum FAQ.

  • You may post/attach/link only one unmorphed image per thread in a 24-hour period; once you do, you must wait at least 24 hours before doing so again in the same thread.  (Formerly called the "1-1-1-1" rule.)
  • Do not post/attach/link more than eight images per forum in any 12-hour period: any posts exceeding this limit will be deleted. After the 12-hour period has elapsed, you may post again.
  • Do not alter or remove any image's copyright information.
  • Morphers may post as many of their own morphs as they like at any time.
    • Morphs must differ substantially from their source photos; minor retouching of photos is not enough.
    • Morphs are subject to content restrictions described in Sections 2 and 3 below.
    • Do not claim copyright ownership of any morph unless you own the copyright to the original photograph(s) from which the morph was made.
  • If you own the legal copyrights to your images, you may post as many as you like at any time.
    • You must include a "(c) ImageOwnerName" message with each image.
    • Do not misrepresent copyright ownership.
    • When posting their content, copyright holders or their representatives grant the BEA irrevocable perpetual license to display the posted content non-commercially in free-access areas of BEArchive.
    • Content posted by its copyright holders is not subject to subsequent cease-and-desist or takedown requests.
  • You may post text-links or image-links to images that already exist on the BEA server without restrictions.
    • Links to members-only pages will not be available to non-members.
    • Links to the Users' Gallery will not be available after the images cycle into the Member's Gallery.
  • Do not post similar or duplicate messages/attachments/links in multiple threads or forums.
  • Do not create multiple threads to request morphs of the same model.
  • Do not post off-topic content in any forum other than the Off-Topic Forum.

You are responsible for making sure that everything you post, link, or attach conforms to the following rules:
  • Posts of unmorphed photos from Scoreland and Score Group's websites (listed here) are permitted, with the following limitations:
    • Original logos and copyright labels on all Score-owned photos must be intact.
    • After posting an unmorphed Score photo in a thread, you must wait one week before posting another in the same thread.
  • You may post the following content only if it has been morphed:
    • Daktari Lorenz properties (click here for a partial list).
    • Photoclubs, BosomQuest, and BosomBox content.
    • content
    • content.
  • Do not post the following content in any form:
    • All photos and discussion of these models:
      • Car*la Pi*von*ski.
      • Kai Lansangan, aka Xena Kai.
    • All photos of these models:
      • Dr. Limor Blockman.
      • Barbie Griffin, aka Michelle McCurry, Sandy Reed, Veronica Black.
      • Natasha from Ricosphats.
      • Abbie Montrose.
      • Ka*ren Pit*tle*man.
      • SubGirlie.
      • Philly Mall Girl.
      • Danielle the Hooters Girl.
    • Nude or topless photos of Cindy Milley.
    • Any content from or references to Jugy.
    • Any content from or references to Cinema*Juggs.
    • The SaRenna Lee hardcore clip.
    • All Juggmaster content.
    • Candid photos including visual or textual clues that could be used to identify their locations or subjects.
  • Do not post, offer, or solicit any of the following types of content:
    • Excessive quantities of copyrighted content, or any prohibited content.
    • Links or other instructions that provide access to prohibited content.
    • Passwords, hacks, hidden links, or any other illicit means of obtaining members-only content from any site.
    • Information about peer-to-peer file sharing (BitTorrent, eMule, etc.) or sites/forums that distribute bulk pirated material (Viper, Abshell, etc.).
  • Do not post images of women in traditional religious costumes unless the women are obviously professional models or actresses.

  • Do not post, link to, or provide directions to images showing people or fictional characters who are under the age of 18, appear to be under 18, or are represented as being under 18, even if they are fully clothed.
  • Do not post an image unless you are sure that everyone in it is over the age of 18. If you are unsure whether a photo subject looks old enough, you may submit the image to a moderator for approval.
  • Do not post, link to, or provide directions to discussions of sexual characteristics or activities of real people under the age of 18.
  • Do not post, link to, or provide directions to stories describing sexual characteristics or activities of real people or fictional characters under the age of 18.
  • Do not link to or provide directions to or, or to any html pages on those sites, because they may provide access to stories that violate BEA's child pornography rules. However, you may post direct links to individual story files on those sites (which will load .zip files from overflowingbra and various text file formats from thevalkyrie), as long as the linked stories comply with all BEA Forum Rules.

We value free speech in our forums, yet we also expect our users to conduct themselves with civility.  In order to maintain both standards, the following rules of personal conduct will be enforced:
  • Do not insult or personally attack other users. Discussions and arguments are permitted, but keep them civil.
  • Do not post at all unless you can find a polite, respectful way to express yourself.
  • Do not request or share private or identifying information about any user, model, or other person, living or dead, unless it has already been made publicly available by that person.
  • Do not lurk in the Chat room, as it is off-putting to other users. If you do, you may find yourself escorted from the room.
  • Do not threaten (or pretend to threaten) any user, model, or other person.
  • Do not post hate speech directed toward any person or group.

  • Do not attempt to post to the BEA forum while you are banned.
  • Do not help a banned user post in the BEA forum, and do not post on behalf of a banned user.
  • Do not discuss the legal ramifications of any BEArchive policy, activity, or action.
  • Do not attempt to involve BEArchive, its forum, or its users in disputes or controversies at other forums, websites, or organizations. You may discuss consumer issues involving commercial sites.
  • Do not bring unwanted attention to the BEA under any circumstances, including (but not limited to) notifying third parties about posts in the forum. Regardless of intent or outcome, failure to abide by this rule can result in serious consequences.
  • Do not promote or link to forums or sites directly competitive with the BEA Forum.
  • Do not use the BEA forum or private messaging system for stalking or other illegal actions.
  • You may post or link to solicitations of donations or gifts, but all solicitations will be subject to review by the moderators, who reserve the right to remove those that seem questionable or counterproductive.
  • Do not use the following words (with or without asterisks) in your posts; they are forbidden by our billing company and/or create liability for the site:
    • kid*s
    • lolit*a
    • ped*o
    • pet*a
    • pet*o
    • pre-tee*n
    • pretee*n
    • ped*ophile
    • underag*e
    • chil*d
    • inces*t
    • snuf*f
    • sca*t
    • mutilatio*n
    • rap*e
    • bestialit*y
    • bestia*l
    • webshot*s
    • myspac*e
    • cinemajugg*s

  • Do not attempt to moderate posts, threads, or other users.
  • Do not edit posts that have already been moderated.
  • You may point out potential problems to other users.
  • You should notify a moderator if you see a problem.