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BE videos wanted Top $ Paid THREAD LOCKED
« on: October 06, 2010, 10:49:36 AM »
I am a serious collector of BE videos. I am looking for anyone that is interested in making BE videos for me. No nudity or sex involved. Just tight tops with huge boobs. Generous compensation paid and additional work a possibility if you provide a quality product. Serious replies only at [email protected]

Mod edit: jmm, these forums aren't your personal bulletin board: you are one user among thousands, and many of your peers have been here for more than a decade without violating the terms of their user agreements as you have. You may not cross post. You may not make off-topic posts. You have already posted your solicitation once elsewhere: you may NOT post it repeatedly in other forums. All of this is outlined in the rules you AGREED to abide by in order to register here. Please be more careful in the future and re-read the rules. Thanks.

Added later: in response to your questions sent via 'notify mod':

Cross posting and posting off-topic content in the wrong forum are both clearly prohibited in the rules you signed to register, thus you saw those rules even if you didn't read them.

You already posted twice in the Classifieds forum, THAT *is* the correct forum in which to post when you're trying to sell or buy something.

You can edit your own posts within 24 hours of making them, unless they've been locked or edited by a moderator. You may not edit moderated posts nor can you move a post.

Again: most of the things you should have already known and are still asking about are covered in the Rules, which are available for your review in the "Rules" tab at the top of each page. Please read it and then PM me or any other mod if you have any remaining questions. Thanks.


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Re: BE videos wanted Top $ Paid
« Reply #1 on: October 06, 2010, 11:25:57 AM »
posting the same message in different sections (and this is not even the correct section for what your asking) is considered spam, you should remove one of them before a mod sees it.
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